Differences between the Christian Orthodox and Roman Catholics

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In this article  I want to tell you, that, in between the catholic and the orthodox religions the differences are not too many.

We talk about the religious differences. It was happened because the fact that the pope wanted to much power only for him, and from here started all the separation.

In fact we can talk about couple differences:

1. The way of we make the cross entering in the church: from right to left the orthodox, from the left to the right the catholics.

2. The way as we prepare the holy bred: the catholics without yeast , the orthodox with yeast.

3. Filioque which it means that the catholics considered that the Holy Ghost came from the Father and from the Son, the orthodox that he can come only from the Father.

4. The Catholics are leaded by the Pope, the orthodos by the ecumenical synod, and each country by his own patriarch.

5. The Catholic priests are NOT married, the orthodos priests, HAVE TO BE MARRIED if they want to became priests.

6. The infailibility of the Pope which is considered that can`t made mistakes during the religious service.

7. Immaculate conception: they say that Virgin Mary is born from the Holly Ghost without the human sin.

8. Chrismation is made only when the children have 7-8 years old and only the high rank priests can do that. We do the Chrismation since the baptism which is usually 30 days after birth.

9. The communion of the children is not offered to the baptism but many years after that and because of this many children could die without taking the communion.

10. The communion is made only with the body ( bred) without the blood of Lord ( wine).

11. The baptism is made trough putting water over the head not trough sinking into the water ( the symbol of sinking is the burial of the body born into the sin of Adam and rebirth into the new world which started trough the sacrifice of Christ.

This are the main differences which untill the end make from thos two churches, real sisters in faith and will wait with pations the reunion of it in the same communion. Anyway as far as I know, the baptism is recognized in the both churches so, the catholics and the othodos can be married eatch other without changing their religion.

Differences between the Christian Orthodox and Roman Catholics
Differences between the Christian Orthodox and Roman Catholics