Multicultural Transylvania - part three

Posted on 2017-05-01    Category History

In this way we have settled here the third linguistic group, THE GERMANS.  If the hugarians was settled on the eastern side of Transylvania, the germans will settle themselves in the south east corner of the region, founding important cities as Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu and all the fortified churches.

Those cities are disposed into a real "gold triangle" because any of them was an important economical and cultural centre of Transylvania and today are the most important cities in Transylvanian tourism. The fortified churches by density and number here in the south of Transylvania are more then in the south of Germany and Austria where you can find each and there one of them.
The germans was settled and was started to built their houses. Coming to Transylvania and passing by their villages (even their descendents was going back to Germany in the '90-s in mass proportion, unfortunatelly) you'll see that the houses have high gates to not see inside. Inside is a courtyard which is separated by the vegetables garden by a transversal barn where they use to keep the cown, the sheeps, the chickens, the tools for working in the garden and the clothes for garden to change when they was going there and changing back when they was coming back to the house.
Because the agricol land belonging to the community being only administrated in small peaces of land by eatch family for his own needs, the planting and harvesting was done in the same time by the members of the community. In the same time they was married after the agrement of the council of the old ones and to visit a neighbour they have to announce first. Was specified what you could`n`t do in Sunday and if somebody saw you breaking the law and don`t report you, he will be punished instead of you.
Also this rules was settled like this just to maintain the independence of the community and for this they restrain the individual independence of the pearson.
that this is because of the relief which here is very hilly, downy, I mean full of hills. This it means that is closed by hills and the influence above the human psichyc is to became closed, serious and not very open, like for exemple are the people living near the sea or on the plain field. I said that because I spent all my summer vacations on my grandparents from my father side on the shore of the Danube and there, for exemple a good neighbour can enter to your yard just like that, announcing you that he will borrow your barrow and live. Something like this is not possible in Transylvania not evem among Romanians