Mysterious and supernatural beings in romanian traditions

Posted on 2019-06-05    Category Traditions

Misterious and supernatural beings exists in all the countries. For exemple the vampires. We have also this kind of creatures, and about them it is about in this article.

Strigoi - Those born with a tichie, that's a croak on their heads, they're making strikes. Tichia buries not to take somebody's luck in this life. Some dead were making shit if bad animals passed under them. Bad animals like, for example, cats. That is why the dead is guarding the night so that no animal passes under him to make a strike. It was believed that the dead man under whom the cat passed was made a strigoe.  Also, there were also children and third-generation flowers.

People believed in the undead. Strigoi took him and other family members or kill the animals in the household. Strigoes when they were dug up were found face down. It was also said that they were as big as the house and scared people at night. They also took the milk. As a defense against the strigoes, the one who knew he was born with a slim body, drew him with a hoof in his belly after he died. As a precaution, it was common for all the dead to die. If the strigo was not discovered and it was noticed that up to 40 days some of the relatives were starting to get sick from the dead. The bitch went to the cemetery opening the tomb and if it was found with the face downstairs meant that he was made strike and stamped him in the navel and then closed the grave. In their coffin they had seeds and the tomb was cemented. The Strigo was impetuous, meaning he was put in his mouth, his ears, the year of his stones and millet. He was still in a clestar coffin and the stone did not come back to take another from his family, or in his mouth he was crazy.

Another habit was that while they were dead in the house, family members did not cry to each other to avoid making the dead one. Strigoi had a knife on the tomb or fuse, and on my way to the cemetery I was spreading on my feet, saying that it would only return when all the seeds were gathered. If you met with the elusive proverbs making the sign of the cross.

Werewolves - people believed that werewolves or wolves were eating the moon when it was eclipsing and battling in the shadows to scare and not to moan the moon. The wolves were like giants who lived around the moon in the clouds. They were also believed to have been born and killed or born and born of unmarried girls.

The Zburator - came to the very loving girls and loved them, and the girl woke up the second day. When a girl was in love it was said that the kite caught her. This fellow, the flyer, made a flake and came to the stove. It could only be stopped if the fire was made in the mist regardless of the season. In order to get her out of a big girl, someone had to sleep with her at night and incense. When this was done, the next day there was a big zigzag in the village. He slapped the malt.

Mummy of the Forest - It was believed to be an old, hideous and evil woman with claws, sharp teeth, and ugly clothes. Appear anytime. It was said that it was as big as a house and went on the road. The worst thing was to tell a man "take the mummy of the forest"

The Devil - The Devil was not named by his name, but Chirica, Spirica, Sarsaica, the squirrel. At the cemetery, at the crossroads at the decks, they appeared like ugly animals The Uncle. You should have worshiped and made no sound. You could not worship your hand worshiping the mouth of your mouth with your tongue.

Joimarita - she was an ugly woman walking around. It was said that he came to the man's door after the sun had sunk. She tossed the fingers of the girls who did not twist the wool and who worked Thursday to Friday. He came to Easter to the girls who did not twist the wool, and yelled, "Calti, you torture them, you scratch them," then throw them in the fire. When the girls were messy they were called Joimarite. Joimans appeared at midnight and people were poised.

Martolea - Martolea was a bad old man. It was not working on Tuesday. Avoid the martyr when you get out on the road. It was said that Martiseara came to the window to call the women. They did not have to answer. Three days of apple and on Thursday after Easter, women did not have to work and come to Martolea at the window.