Romanian Cookery part 2

Posted on 2017-05-04    Category Food and drinks in Romania

In this second part of our trip trough the romanian cookery will talk about "Soups and Tchorba".

I remember you that the receipes are coming from the book "Romaniann Cookery" printed to the printing house  " House of Guides"  in 2010.

We, romanians, enjoy the benefits of a unique gastronomically blend: we have taken over the vegetable soups and added further influences to them: meat balls from the Turks, lettuce from the Austrians, dry beans with smoked meat from the Germans ( via POlish mediation) We addes pork meat to our sour soups during the turkish reign, because they had taken away our cattle as a tribute to them, and then, during the Austrian rule in Transylvania, we added tarragon ( this is a german cooking habit) We prepared lamb borscht locally, as we used to be shepherds. Lentil soup is an arabian import ( in fact lentils proper)that came to us  also trough the turks. The other notes and shades - oil, vinegar, sour cream, borscht itself, depend on regional gastronomy use and practice.


400 gr, veal marrow bones
300 gr. minced beaf
1 liter wheat borsch
2 tablespoons rice
1 carrot , coarsely grated
1 parsnip, coarsely grated
1 cup celery leaves, chopped
2 onions finely chopped1 bell paper chopped
1 bell pepper chopped
1 big tomato, coarsely cut
1 cup fresh chopped lovage leaves1 cup fresh chopped dill
1 cup fresh chopped parsley

Boil bones in salted water for about one hour togetherwith celery leaves and one chopped onion, and then, remove the bones from pot. Mix meat with remaining onion, rice, half of dill and parsley, salt and pepper. Mold mixture into balls and introduce them into the boiling bone soup. Boil for about 30-40 minute. When the meat is tender, add borsh and let them boil for another 1-2 minutes. Finally sprinkle with lovage, remaining dill and parsley. Serve hot. You can also add sour cream when serving.

TIP: lovage is a must when using borsch. Never boil borsch more than 1-2 minutes long boiling time will ruin it special flavour.


meat ball ciorba