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Trip in Danube Delta 1

Posted on 2017-12-24    Category Places to visit

A trip to Danube Delta is always something magic ! But a trip with a floating hotel it is more than that ! The confort of the ship, the nights slept in the nature, sorounded by birds and watched by the fishes, the fishing of pike, or carp, or catfish are amazing. The silence and the beauty of nature are unique. That is why, we invite you to join us in this amazing trip. !

The first day of our adventure begin at Tulcea, the city-capital of the Delta. The beautiful hotel placed on the shore of the Danube will welcome you with rooms orientated to the Danube and with the best conditions and food in town. For the evening, you can take the dinner , on the Danube cliff on the fish restaurant of the one of the romanian olympic champions at caiac-canoe. Here you can eat shark, turbot, perch and catfish in many delicious combinations. After dinner, you cand take a walk on the Danube Cliff and then savour a glass of wine on the hotel terrace looking at the Danube.

Next day, will go  to the floating hotel, to board. Will be welcomed by the personal, will take our rooms and will start the cruise. First off all will go to Sulina, the city placed to the shore of the Danube and of the Black Sea in the same time being the place where the Danube flods into the sea. The road untill there will took about 7 hours, but the times fly when you are in a pleasant company. We met along the way big boats coming from the Black Sea and going to Galati the big industrial harbour to load steel products, or navigating to the river to Vienna. The sun is at the sky looking to us and to meet it is enough to go up on the superior deck of the ship to lay down on the lounge chair to stay in the sun. Reading a book, drinking something fresh and cold you will be invited at the dining room to eat the lunch. Going inside we observed on the table a delicious tasty meal. Fresh borsh made by the boat chef from fresh fish from the Danube, second plate also fish and the desert, cakes made in the area by the romanians, obviously not from fish. When the sun starts its way to the other side of the planet, we arriving in Sulina.

We dock the ship and get down to take a few steps on solid land after so many ours on water. The port is small and nice and famous for us because here was filmed a serie movie for childrens and teenagers in the `70-s very popular for my generations. On our way to the Lighthouse we look at the big boats docked. One of them are huge maritime ships which stop here for the customs formalities, another one is the passengers ship which came every day from Tulcea transporting people and goods to be sold into the shops and markets from here. It is a moving specific to the ports all over the world and for us, which are coming from a longer distance, from mountain or field, where this life is unknown everything is very interesing.

The first stop is to the Lighthouse, and then, after the visit, we take a minibus and are going 2 km to the beach of the Black Sea. Is a small beach, with very fine sand, low waters and a gentle sun. Is here at this corner of world so much peace and silence that you are feeling like at the beginning of the world. The people are decent and don`t make noise, even the childrens are behaving like in a sanctuary, because this place, on a side of Romania and at the mouth of the Danube push you to respect. Respect for one of the largest rivers in Europe, respect for all the way that it makes from Germany untill here, and respect for all the history which this water saw since the beginning of creation. Silence, gentle sun and atmosphere of a new beginning. In a word, Heaven.

A little bit to the north, we can see the new Lighthouse and near it is the mouth of the Danube which came to its meeting with the sea.

We enter with our feet in the water to feel it, some of us are undress and swim and for one hour we are relaxing and feeling good. We are turning back to Sulina and to our ship for the dinner. On the way back, because we still have time untill the dinner and the group does`n`t want to come back so quikly, we are enter to visit the Cathedral St Alexander and Nicholas.

Around 2000 we are back to the floating hotel and ready for the dinner. Is night almost so, the gold of the wine flows into glasses, their clinging is heard together with wishes for health and luck, ( sanatate si noroc ) traditional in Romania for “cheers”  The wine is and Aligote from Sarica-Niculitel vineyard, one of the well known vineyards in Romania.

The meal prepared by perch tonight is waiting on the table together with a lot of other romanian delicacies. In fact along the trip we served among others, the next food dishes: fish bors, fried fish (served with garlic and garlic sauce), boiled crayfish, frog legs,, sausages, fish roe, fish meat, fried carp and carp on the cabbage, and in the dessert the goody dobrogeana pie made with cheese. Also fruits, cheese, olives, bread and butter, fried eggs, ham and eggs

After dinner, we are relaxing on the terace of the floating hotel drinking a beer or a wine, or a whisky depending by everyone choice. Then, little by little the sun will go to sleep and will get down to our cabins for a good night sleep after a beautifull and full day…good night !



Trip in Danube Delta
Trip in Danube Delta 1
Trip in Danube Delta 1
Trip in Danube Delta 1
Trip in Danube Delta 1