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What Americans need to know about Romanians part 1

Posted on 2019-06-16    Category Romanian News

The next text is addressed to Americans interested in the existence of Romanians, Americans who have more or less connection with Romanians. And also to Romanians living among Americans. And to the Romanians living among Americans as well.
The author of the text believes that in the United States there are many Americas, at least two from a strict Romanian point of view: Franklin Roosevelt’s America and another, very different, the America of General George Patton. We also know that America  the Romanians put their hope in is often lost ground both in … America and in the world.

Fortunately, the „Romanian America” or the „America of the Romanians” that many have had in mind and soul as a model on a global scale  is still strong, is able to revive the „American dream” and revive confidence in the ability of  the human beings to decide their fate, to save themselves from self-destruction.

This text is NOT our creation. We take it from the internet because we believe that suites good to our opinions and work about advertising Romania.


The globalization as inevitable, we see it as a constellation of universal efforts to get to know each other better, to assume with serenity all happened in history, and to make truth the foundation for a better world: tomorrow’s world. Humankind  is first put in the situation of not being able to let things go off  at random  or according to  some „discrete” projects of certain  entities at war or in competition.  The time is forthcoming when we find out that „this cannot be anymore!” and that there is no other way than the way of truth and transparency in politics, in international relations.

         I believe that this  time has come in the relations between Romania and America, that it is necessary to reconsider the data and  projects involving both sides. What makes me think this? It is the fact that the Romanians’ disappointment  with the Americans is greater than ever. Romanians confidence in Americans is now less than ever. It is high time we wondered why we reached this point. Similarly, we can wonder whether the Americans need our confidence in America!

            So, what Americans need to know about Romanians?

  1. The general good made by Romanians to the United States of America

           In 1944, the Romanian-born U.S. citizens built, by public collection, a battleship given to the federal government. The U.S. government has given it a symbolic name (to it): „General George Pomutz”. The American ship was in operation until 1970.

           Why this name? Who was George POMUTZ?

            He was a soldier and an American diplomat with exceptional performance. As a general in the North Army he has had outstanding deeds of military bravery, so that at the end of the Civil War, at the Victory Parade held in Washington, the Romanian George Pomutz was entrusted with the honor of opening the victorious troops parade, riding on a white horse..
            There are many Americans who know that Alaska used to be the property of the Russian Empire and that it was purchased by the federal government in Russia in 1867, for a ridiculous amount: $ 7,000,000. It is probably the best deal concluded by the United States throughout its history. But very few Americans know who initiated and negotiated this transaction: one Romanian came to America in 1850, sent to Petersburg to represent the U.S. interests. On his Romanian name GEORGE POMUŢ. As a diplomat he brought his adopted country a huge benefit, incomparable to other services brought by Americans. To the memory of these exceptional works it can be said that there was too little efforts of the Americans and Romanians made in the honor of this great man. The nearest future obligates us to make up for this injustice.

             Our proposal is to promote by documentary and artistic movies the exceptional personality of George POMUŢ, in the memory of this great hero.

             Better known is the personality of Nicolae TESLA, whom many consider the greatest inventor in history. Yes, some say that his most important inventions have not yet been implemented and are kept under state secret lock. U.S. State … Nicolae Tesla was also Romanian, from the southern branch of the Romanian people: he was Istro-Romanian. Tesla’s work in America had a major role in propelling the industry and the economy of the US to become the first in the world.

 Another good reason for which the Americans are or should be grateful  to the Romanians, is for how American flyers held prisoners were treated by the Romanians in Romania in the World War II. During the Anglo-American aviation raids undertaken in the Balkans and Romania, a large number of American flyers shot down from the planes were saved by parachute, thereby becoming prisoners in the country. Their fate was very different depending on where they parachuted: if they got in the North of the Danube, they were saved, if they got in the South of the Danube, in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia or Hungary they were lost! … In these countries, most times the Americans flyers perished in terrible pain. In some cases they have been subjected to (barbaric) Barbarian torture: they were buried up to their necks in the ground side by side, and then the land has been plowed … Anglo-American authorities, including the talkative Churchill had at that time reactions and comments of extraordinary verbal violence, with minimal effects …

            In Romania, nearly 1,500 prisoners Anglo-American aviators have been made. Not even one of them had something to complain about prison conditions. There were more than the most optimistic expectations. Moreover, all participants in the aviation raids had precise instructions how to proceed to get … prisoners in Romanian, at the Romanian authorities. This is a little known chapter, not humiliating for the American prisoners which charged American public consciousness debt of gratitude to the Romanian people, to the authorities of those years! Unfortunately, these feelings were not shown again, not even at the most appropriate time: when Marshal Ion Antonescu was prosecuted and sentenced to death for imaginary war crimes …       

           None of the American fliers came to say that in Romania governed by Ion Antonescu, the allied prisoners, including the Soviets, were treated with the respect due to the enemy defeated … The official U.S. reaction is still in delay to the Romanian behavior, of a unique  humanity in the annals of the Second World War! Even in the annals of all time!

Finally, we mention that several hundred thousand Romanians live in the U.S.,  settled at different times. Federal government keeps detailed records of all citizens, including inventoried by ethnicity. Calculations are accurate for each ethnicity contribution to the general welfare of the Country: taxes, turnout etc. But also regarding the involvement in antisocial activities, crime etc.  According to our data the Romanians in the United States, taken  as a whole, make up a segment of America’s ethnic elite with exemplary contribution to the smooth running of things! This finding  is also applied to the Romanians from Canada.