What Americans need to know about Romanians part 2

Posted on 2019-06-24    Category Romanian News
  1. What kind of people are the Romanians?

 Like any nation, Romanians can be defined in several ways, according to their strengths and weaknesses. One definition might be this: Romanians are very likely the oldest and steadfast people in Europe. Romanians, unlike the American people are a people who „walked” very little on the surface of the globe. The Romanian ideal is linked to origin, native home of the family hearth. „Whether the bread is the worst, it is still better in my country!” That sounds a Romanian word known to all Romanians

             Another possible definition, which would be  interesting to Americans: the Romanians are the most anti-Communist people in the entire Europe! There is a close relationship between the two attributes: the fact that they are old in the history of this planet made the Romanians not to be allured and  deceived by the false propaganda of the Communists! This propaganda has taken the majority of European peoples. But the Romanians least! Romanians put price on the stability of the political regime, are conservative and do not trust the so-called „revolutionary spirit” which, in fact, does not seek anything other than changing actors, privileged, and no change in the system of relations between people. „Changing the master, the joy of the crazy” – says another Romanian proverb.

                 The anti-communism of the Romanians, which historians and political scientists delay to recognize, to study and to honor it properly, was tried on several occasions, sometimes even in decisive moments of the history. If the Bolshevik Revolution from Russia did not spread throughout Europe, as planned by the Lenin’s Bolsheviks, the  main merit lies to the Romanians. Lenin and his army of „revolutionaries” made continuous efforts to „export” the revolution of the proletariat victory over capitalism to expand to other countries, first of all to the  European countries adjacent  to Russia. Out of all  these countries, only Romania was not simply manipulated by Bolshevik propaganda and contributed to the annihilation of „export” the revolution!

               Faced in the 1917-1918 with the wave („boom”) which included not only revolutionary social segments, but also significant military contingents, the authorities of the former Hapsburg Empire called to the officers and to the Romanian troops of the imperial army composition to restore the public order. Of all the Hapsburg army only the Romanian soldiers, soldiers and officers alike, did not listen to the communist propaganda! Thanks to them a core of clarity and accountability was kept in the Hapsburg imperial army that stopped the pandemic Bolshevism in Austria and the Czech Republic, Vienna and Prague.

                 In Hungary, however, the Bolshevik revolution was successful, and led to the installation of the „Soviet power” in Budapest under the terrorist control of Bela Kun, a  sanguinary individual, dragged man, fully  obedient to Lenin and to the Comintern, with  whose financial and military support managed to  extend „capitalism” in Hungary. It was with the same support that he tried to extend the Bolshevism to the adjacent countries, especially to Romania.

Paradoxically, the representatives of the major Western powers, present at Versailles in discussions about the future of Europe and of mankind, did not feel the danger of contamination of the Bolshevik Born to Europe, and adopted an attitude of expectation, practically encouraging the actions of Bela Kuhn & co. Moreover, they warned the Romanian rulers not to intervene against the Bolshevik government in Hungary.

            Fortunately, elite politicians with a correct historical view was governing in Bucharest, headed by Ionel Bratianu. Between 1848 and 1948, Brătianu family offered to Romania and to Europe, a dynasty of lucid politicians, good patriots who understood the course of history and clearly supported genuine democracy, against the Bolshevik communist imposture. So, without waiting for the West’s OK, even against the intentions and recommendations of the West, the Romanian Ionel Brătianu sent the army to establish order in Hungary, to chase away the criminals who installed the Bolshevik Hungarian government, which had already been guilty of countless thousands and thousands of murders. The mission was successfully  accomplished, the Romanians drove the Bolsheviks out of Hungary and thus put an end to the expansion of the Bolshevik revolution of the Soviet communism in the world. Unfortunately this process was resumed with great success after the World War II, mostly because of the United States, as a result of the agreement reached by the Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt with I.V. Stalin. It was an agreement by which the Democrat President dissociated himself of any democratic principle! … In those years  the existence of the two Americas was best confirmed! Roosevelt’s America betrayed the Eastern Europe. It betrayed, in fact, the Americans too!

            Let’s have a special word for the behavior of the Romanian Army as the army of occupation in Hungary, as well as on other occasions, and in other countries. In the course of her history Romania waged only wars of defense. Defense is often continued through offensive,  getting into the enemy territory.

            The way the Romanian militaries behaved in the enemy territory as occupation army, in Hungary, Bulgaria, in USSR… makes a honourable chapter in our history… No abuse, illegality, deviation from the international laws was committed in such circumstances, no deed we could ever be ashamed of. On the contrary, the behaviour of the Romanian soldier was an example of honor. There  are very few armies about which we can say the same …  Let us mention a detail from the tragic history of Russia useful for those willing to understand what sort of people Romanians are: after the abolition of monarchy, Tsar Nicholas II was arrested and forbidden to come out of the palace. In these circumstances, the Tsar Guard regiment, made up of soldiers from all regions of Russia, joined the revolution and left the Tsar. Only the Romanian soldiers recruited from the Russian-occupied Basarabia in 1812, have not left the Tsar, only the Romanians (and the Chechens too!) of the Guard Regiment honored their oath of faith… It’s good to know who were those who agreed to assassinate the tsar and his whole family, as well as the children under age: they were prisoners and deserters from Hungarian Habsburg army. Among them, Imre Nagy, the future communist leader..

              After 1945, without the will of the Romanian people and against  their feelings, Romania became a communist state. United States have their share of guilt for the years that followed, for the suffering and humiliation  the Romanians were submitted to! Nevertheless, the Romanians put all their most fervent hopes in the much expected saving intervention of the United States.  The formula „The Americans will come” was to revive all the Romanians who were not attached to Bolshevik ideas, have not accepted the Soviet yoke, each opposing one way or another to the Bolshevik state. The leaders of the anti-communist resistance were the partisans in the mountains of Romania, young students, officers or farmers, whose struggle against the occupants was a unique phenomenon in the communist camp. Unfortunately, the anti-communist struggle of the Romanian youth, supported by the Romanians in the West and the civilian population was sabotaged even by those who pretended to grant it financial and logistical support: the Western secret services. An important chief of these services, the famous Kim Philby was busy with organizing aid partisans in the mountains of Romania. In fact, he informed the Soviet secret services of all the movements of these partisans, which fact brought about the arrest and execution of many young human value and finally, the liquidation of the anti-communist resistance which lasted for almost 15 years! Can we ever forget the poisoned help offered by the West to the only form of genuine anti-communist resistance in the socialist camp, occupied by the Red Army? … Can we ever forget those young victims of the betrayal and neglect of the West?

             Somehow, even the government of Nicolae Ceauşescu can be appreciated for its anti-Soviet character as anti-Bolshevik and pro-American! Unfortunately, the Soviet special services succeeded in spoiling Nicolae Ceausescu’s relations  with the White House, managed to instill to the American government the idea that Nicolae Ceausescu, with his policy of autonomy and openness to the West, to America, was acting, diversion, and agreed with Moscow to make a game! In fact, Romania as a country, and Ceausescu, as a political leader, was isolated and sabotaged within the socialist camp, the so-called fraternal socialist community! We were “foreign bodies” in this political context controlled by Moscow. Ceausescu’s attempt to establish good relations with the U.S.  pleased the Romanian people! See the welcome given to Richard Nixon in Bucharest! At this popular level a right perception of the political reality was manifested. I quote this anecdote very significant in Romania those years:
    In an official car there were Nixon, Brejnev and Ceausescu. At a crossroads, Nixon gave to his driver the command „Get it to the right!” Brejnev said: „Take it to the left!” Ceausescu „Comrade driver signal left and then go to the right!”…

            We urge the American authorities interested in and willing to know the truth about Romania the research and analyses of the American historian Larry Watts.