What Americans need to know about Romanians part 1

What Americans need to know about Romanians part 3

Posted on 2019-07-05    Category Romanian News
  1. How did the Americans disappoint us?

Today we know that the entire anti-communist dissident movement from socialist countries was organized and maintained by the KGB! The only anti-communist opposition and anti-Soviet was in Romania! But the White House did not realize that at the time.  They gave more credit to Lech Walesa and Vaclav Havel’s than to Nicolae Ceausescu … Not until 1990 did they discover that Lech Valesa and „Solidarity” union were inventions of the KGB … Just like Vaclav Havel, another KGB agent! Only recently did America realize that Nicolae Ceausescu was a „real” anti-Soviet and, so, essentially an anti-Bolshevik …

Unfortunately, not only the White House was wrong, but crowds of Romanian victims of the misinformation and manipulation of the Western media well controlled by the KGB. That was also valid for the two radio stations, Radio Free Europe and the Voice of America, which operated (at) on the expense of the United States, but they did USSR policy dictated by KGB agents infiltrated in the offices of these radio stations … It was an anti-Romanian politics first, not anti-communist or anti-Soviet.

            Is America guilty for the  facility with which the KGB has done its job? …Is America guilty of the disinformation criminal work done on behalf of Radio Free Europe in favor of USSR? And if so, which of the two Americas bear this guilt?. In any case it is not the America of George Patton! It is to that America that we address! We put all our further hopes in the America of George Patton ! 

             We have lived the greatest disappointment after 1990. And we expected the Americans as „knights „of social justice, and we would have liked them to „interfere in the internal affairs of Romania”, to impose principles of democracy, freedom and legality. We expected to see the Americans getting in touch with the most serious, honorable of the Romanians! We hoped to see the Americans rejecting the rigged elections, refusing to recognize as the representatives of the Romanian people the impostors perched to government with the support of the same imperishable KGB. Proved criminal law offenders, thieves and / or assassins, with blood on their hands have been running Romania for 23 years, and America has no objection.

            One more disappointment was caused by the human quality of the U.S. Ambassadors in Romania after 1999! There were no visible efforts of America to find valid interlocutors in Romania sensitive to the values ​​that underpin American society. We were amazed and grieved to see how America takes serious notice of some hooligans, liars, and charlatans brought into the Romanian government through the diversion falsely labeled as revolution. It was as if the White House could not learn what all the Romanian people knew about the governors at power after 1990! These are more harmful for the country than those before 1990! There was no act of  America to show solidarity with ordinary Romanians, honest, competent, well-wishers for others, and for the country! They make the majority in Romania, while those who govern us, taking the country from one disaster to another are a minority, a political gang before 1990! How long will the White House continue to shake hands with these impostors?

           We expect the American authorities to support the civic society of Romania and of the Romanian Diaspora; to identify, by typical means, who are the Romanian partners willing and able to generate a movement of genuine national revival by which the Romanians to refresh their political class, to lay again the Romanian State on a real European, Christian and democratic line of conduct.

             We can say that the introduction in Romania, after 1990, of the market economy and democracy, political pluralism, (it) is a failure! An extremely painful failure for the Romanians. Until 1990, Romania had a self-sufficient state economy, able to provide the most important needs of society at a respectable level. After 1990, following the decision of the politicians to include the country into the European Union, Romania was obligated to privatize its economy, namely to destroy it in reality, and whatever was not destroyed was sold for little money to foreigners.  In time, we discovered that behind the so-called foreign investors there were mostly Jews and Russians! At present, the Russian control (and Jewish) over the Romanian economy is tighter and more comprehensive than in the years when Romania was occupied by the Red Army and Soviet counselors …