What Americans need to know about Romanians part 4

Posted on 2019-07-08    Category Romanian News

What issues would have the Romanians to solve? What would the Americans gain if they helped the Romanians?

Romania’s economic problem is re-industrialization. The U.S. aid could be decisive, provided it is managed by the right people, both Americans and Romanians. Identifying the valid partners is not easy, but not impossible (either) if you do serious recruitment and selection of the professionals. Involving civil society in Romania is one of the keys to success. As long as the political class continues to be outside the national interest, it should be avoided in the economical relations, in the common economical projects that will have an American component of support.

A good collaboration can be established between Romanians and Americans in the IT&C field. There are already premises spontaneously created without any ad-hoc project. Things can get a tremendous development in a larger project to include all the components of such Romanian-American cooperation in the global market.

The interest is mutual; it would not assume an attitude of goodwill from the U.S., but strict understanding of interest! Romanians have proved to be the most interesting partners in Europe in this field. Americans might have much more to gain than Romanians! So much the better!

Romania’s political problems are multiple. U.S. involvement is needed in a few of them:

In domestic politics. In Romania, the „mafia party dictatorship” is present, those who succeeded to the power after 1990. This dictatorship is difficult to remove because of the legislation. Laws in Romania seem democratic, seem copied from the West. In reality, the Romanian laws include „details where the devil is hiding!” These are details that make the law ineffective in terms of freedom and democracy. So, the law of the parties, an essential one, more important than the Constitution, is so drafted as to allow the parties to decide which parties to be recognized as such, which ones to allowed to go in for elections and which ones not to. Condition „lists of signatures” necessary for the registration of political parties and election each year, leaves the fate of parties at the discretion of the special services, secret services that may decide the fate of the parties, may decide to limit of the freedom of association operating in Romania! The contact of America with the true opposition in Romania is a badly needed priority. Only then the White House will know how to intervene to normalize and set up genuine democratization of political life in Romania. Such intervention will be appreciated by all Romanians of good will.

Foreign Policy. At present, there are two Romanian states in Europe, where the official language is Romanian, and the majority of the population is ethnic Romanian: Romania and the Republic of Moldavia. The desire of the two countries to unite, to re-unite, is quite natural. Unfortunately, this perspective, the right to retrieve the Romanians in a single state, arouses only antipathy in all European chancelleries in International political circles. Somehow this attitude is understandable: most European countries have coped centrifugal tendencies. We are facing ethnic communities’ desire to separate politically, to have their own state. Such separatist claims were made in France, Italy, UK, Spain, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia, Denmark, Turkey. We are the only country in Europe in the right position to claim a territorial extension basis. Without harming another state! The Republic of Moldavia is also willing to take this so natural step! Sooner or later, this step will be done! Romanians hopes that the U.S. will support us at the time.

 Are there in U.S. interests inimical to the union of Romania with Moldova?

In the interwar period there were such interests, of the American Zionist circles influential in good cooperation with the communist Jews in the USSR. These Jews Communists have developed – more accurately taken over the project of establishing an ancient Jewish state in Eastern Europe, in a large part of the historical territory of the inhabited by Romanians: Basarabia and Bucovina, plus Galicia. This project was made possible in 1940 as a result of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty, in June 1940 when the Soviet Union occupied Basarabia and Bucovina arbitrarily. We do not know if Hitler and his followers knew about that Zionist-Comintern project. We do not know why Stalin abandoned it the last minute   Neither do we know if because of these Jewish circles in the interwar years the United States did not officially recognize the affiliation of the territory between the Rivers Prut and Nistru to Romania.  Fortunately, things were simplified in 1948 when Israel was established in Palestine, which automatically annulled  the project of the Jewish state in the territory forever Romanian.  Therefore, we hope there are no more major interests in the United States at present to still postpone the union between Romania and the Republic of Moldova (Basarabia). It would be a union including Transnistria and Bucovina in the frontiers of 1939.

What will happen if Romania and Basarabia unite?    I repeat: no European orderly room will look sympathetically upon this act of justice. Nobody will take into account the fact that we Romanians are the oldest and largest people in the region. It will not impress the fact that ethnic Romanians, living as an ethnic minority in countries around Romania, are three times more numerous than other ethnic minorities in Romania! They will look at the map and see a country they will find it exceedingly huge! In these circumstances many will start paying attention to the Hungarian propaganda that is always supporting the false thesis of Hungarian rights over Transylvania. Therefore, we believe our efforts, of the  Romanians, to convince the international community, the United States as well, of the right character of the Union of the two Romanian states, Romania and Moldova,  must be doubled with the effort to reject the revisionist propaganda of Budapest.

            During the next years there are signs that this propaganda will insist on the idea that Transylvania  should be an independent state, to solve the ethnic conflicts in the region! The U.S. position in these disputes could be decisive. This is why we wonder what could be the reasons for the U.S. to support the restoration of Greater Romania? Namely the reasons why they choose to support the rights of the Romanians not the claims of the Hungarians! Briefly, who would the Americans deserve to invest in, who would they wish to be their reliable allies?At this point of the discussion  we should intervene with the following information: whoever  wants to understand the „Romanian phenomenon” should know that for a long time, almost a century, resentment and anti-Romanian interests of some neighbors and residents have gained institutional character.

             The Anti-Romanian attitude is a reality that our friends should take into account, however unrealistic this supposition may seem to them. Concern to undermine and sabotage, to slander and discredit all it is Romanian has become a stable profession, specific concerns of the government budget institutions with precise service projects and tasks, with co-workers infiltrated in the Romanian administrative structures, including the government. A sustained campaign of denigration and calumniation of the Romanians, of their history, rights, and of the Romanian reality is implemented especially at international level. After 1990 this anti-Romanian problem became extremely active, inventive, as the Romanian national security structures have been largely eliminated or diverted from their true purpose.

           Who is interested in the „dissolution” of Romania and of the Romanians, as a state, as a people with a history more than honorable? Who is behind this series of diversions? It is hard to say who … is not!   There are a lot of people that history has put us in contact and who were able to recognize the loyalty,  hospitality and kindness of the Romanian people! Some were able to respond with the same feelings! … But others …

             At the head of those who do not fit in this world with us are the political leaders in Budapest, individuals with a lot of complexes because of their repeated failures of projects impossible and ridiculous. The projects worked out without any historical basis, with no bearing on the facts. One such project is the „Hungarian Sea”, the return to the Hungary  „before-Trianon”. A Hungary who never existed and has no reason ever to exist!             Yet, Budapest so bankrupt in its political projects  succeeded in putting up an anti-Romanian Lobby very effective in the West, including in the United States. The Lobby was often put at the „feet” of Moscow the Americans not realizing that in due time. The Hungarian anti-Romanian attitude is a factor that the American governments should take into account in their relations with Romania and Hungary! We do not expect the Americans to fight Hungarian media diversions, but we expect (from) the American government not to get trapped in these diversions disgraceful for those engaged in them. And often damaging to those who take them seriously!

             We expect the Americans to seek and find the truth! We know that Americans are a people who sacrificed on the altar of truth. In the „match” between the Romanians and Hungarians, our hope is to find the truth. Hungarians have gained great experience in diversions and anti-Romanian strategies. They have also practiced them against other peoples that history put them in touch with. All their policy, especially during  the last 150 years is based on self-deception, lies and fraudulent setup. We can always provide the necessary evidence. We expect the U.S., as well as the great powers’ chancelleries to find time to understand the situation in Hungary and its adjacent  countries, which the Hungarian propaganda is always accusing of not observing the rights of the Hungarian minority. We are available to anyone who wants to know the truth about the Romanian-Hungarian disputes!