What Americans need to know about Romanians part 5

Posted on 2019-07-17    Category Romanian News

The US need Romanians?

        In our view, the United States need Romania only if they are interested in a reliable European partner with considerable ethnic potential, who knows what loyalty is and respects its commitments. The Geographical position (geopolitical) did often make Romania suffer. In tomorrow’s world, conditions seem to appear for Romania to benefit of her position.

             Nota bene! We do not want to be an outpost of America in the Russian coast! If we want good relations with the U.S. it is because we hope, even rely, in the near future, on a sincere Russian-American cooperation, designed to remove and correct the abominable consequences of the history the last century! Namely, the consequences of the two world wars, and of the revolution of 1917.

We have the feeling, even belief, that few of the millions of the anti-communist Americans realize that the people who suffered most from the Bolshevik revolution, from the communism, is the Russian people! The Russians themselves start feeling that too.

The truth about who and how did the Great October Socialist Revolution, the truth about the outbreak and waging of the two world wars, the truth about the „fall of communism” in the years 1989-1991, will make new basis for the new relations between the U.S. and Russia, between Russia and the European countries passed through the „Bolshevik experiment”. We will find a lot of common interests, while re-discovering our common roots. 

As a great Romanian (Petre Ţuţea) used to say,  the huge historic role of Russia is to extend Europe to Vladivostok, to make Siberia European. Today Russia seems to have got stuck in this project. She must be helped and supported on the behalf of European solidarity, of the authentic Europe, to continue this project up to its end. America, a state created by Europeans first of all, has every reason to be involved in this project. It is the project many Romanians dreamed of. It is the most realistic project, based on the good knowledge of the historical truth and of the lucid scrutinizing of the future.


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