eggpant salad

Broiled Eggplant Salad

Posted on 2017-03-04    Category Food and drinks in Romania

From the same book, Romanian Cookery, printed by House of Guides, I will present you today a new romanian appetizer, very used in the summer time as a light meal, refreshing and tasty. We are like it so much that, in september when the eggplant is harvesting, we are preparing it but without salt an onion and frozing it. In december and january , we are using it preparing fresh eggplant salad.

Broiled eggplant salad


2kg round and mature eggplants.

2 small onions, finely chopped

150-200 ml oil


How to cook it: broil the eggplants directly on the fire. Turn them on all sides. Put aside on a tray to cool and drain. Cut the base of the stalk, and then cut each eggplant lengthwise. Take of the pulp with the tablespoon and put it in a plastic strainer. When all the juice is well drained, put the eggplant pulp on a wooden board. Chop the pulp finely with a knife preferably a wooden one. Put the pulp in a bowl, add onion and salt.

Beat well with a fork or a mixer and add oil in small quantities until the eggplant salad becomes very creamy. Serve it well chilled on a platter or in tomato "shells" with fresh bread and fresh tomatoes. It is also delicious with broiled bell pepper salad.

Tip: this creamy salad is, in fact, a kind of dip. You can add egg yolk and/or sour cream, diminishing the quantity of oil. It goes wev v with a glass of tzuica or palinca. If you don`t have it is good any brandy of 53-56 degrees of alcohol.



Broiled Eggplant Salad
eggpant salad