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Religious Easter traditions in Romania

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This is usually the month when we celebrate Easter and one of the most important christian saints. Therefore I will wrote here, something about those traditions and customs in our country.

 Fools Day

The fools day it is not considered officially a hollyday but certainly is a happy day and full of enthusiasm. In Romania, this custom appeared only in the XIX century. According tradition, the tricks has to be done untill noone. Doing it afternoon is badluck for the one who is doing it. The fooled pearson has to be tolerant with the tricky one and to receive the farce with amusement. Also he is not allowed to uppset if he don`t want to be tricked all year. The romanians says that if you don`t trick anybody on april fools all the year untill the next april you will be the tricked one.

What it`s good and what it`s bad on Fools Day. It is not good to make marriages, because the groom will be in brides slippers. Also is a fertility day. If a male is tricked by a female he shoul consider a favor from his destiny.  It says that the faith reserved to both of them a marriage or a good relationship. More than that, the childrens born on fools day are considered to be lucky.


The preparations fever for the Easter, starts many days before, during the Lent and one of the most famous occupations of the romanians from here is the egg painting, a custom which is done in another parts of country but here, is brought to the art level. The painting of an egg is a very scrupulousness thing which request a lot of patience, talent and taste. The technique is very old and for doing it are necessary, bee wax and many bright colours, which in the end will made a great colour. As the Resurrection is feeling much closer, the housewifes hurry the preparations for the first day of Easter when the family after at least 7 days of Lent will eat from the meals given by God. In the Holly Night at the church came the entire christian community and the Resurrection service will take ong untill the morning. 

Saint George

Saint George  is one of the most venerated saints from the orthodox calendar, celebrated every year on April 23-rd. It is a god of vegetation, protector of cattles and sheeps but of the green nature too. In the folkloric tradition it is the second pillor from the orthodox calendar, together Saint Dumitru. In between the two saints exists a cosmic bondage. It says that will rain in these day the year will be righ for agriculture. The old people says that when the first frogs start to sing Saint George take the key from Saint Dumitru and open the way of the nature to rebirth. The people adorn the pillors from their gates with green willow branches to protect the house from evil and enemies. In the past this celebration was with dances and party for 3 days. Traditions of Saint George Day In Saint George Eve, the marrigeable girls believe theu can see the weird in a bowl fiiled with water at midnight. Another tradition known by the unmarried boys is the one which request the start a big fire to purify the space and keep the witches away. In the morning of Saint George the people wash their faces and drink red wine to be healthy all year long. Also in the same morning the girls are going stealthtily in the forrest to pick mandrake and hart`s tongue fern. Those plants are put in the attick or under the eaves beieving that will bring rich pretendents. In this day, nobody sleep because otherwise will be sleepy all year. 

Deniile ( evening service during passion week )

Deniile are one of the most profound , beautifull and uplifting christian services. Appeared with christianity and begin with the Palm Sunday untill Friday night when it singing the funeral of the Lord. The first days from the Holy Week, Monday and Tuesday are preparing each believer to understand the sense of the coming of Christ in the world of suffering and His death, the one of winning death and sin by His sacrifice. The Denii Services In those days , at denii we recall parables about the kingdom of Heaven, together with the psalms and another texts about repent. During at these time, the priests are sharing to the believers knowledges about regrets for their sins and talk about belief, forgivness, pitty, good facts, patience and pray. The Big Denia and The Little Denia The most important Denias are the one from Thursday and Friday night.  Are knowned as Big Denia and Little Denia. In Thursday night Denia are read the 12 Gospels of the suffers and the removal of the Holly Cross in the middle of the church. Friday night is the mourning day of the Christianity because the Saviour were crucified. So, we don`t have religious service because the liturgy itself means sacrifice and could not be brought two sacrifices in the same day. That is why, only in the evening is the service of  Burial Denia. First of all, youngers and elders are passing under the table filled with flowers, table wich symbolize the catafalque of the Lord. On it is a table cloth painted with the burial of Christ and the Gospel together with the Cross. Then, the priests, the coir and the believers sing the Burial of the Lord Palm Sunday Mark the beginning of the Holy Week and of the last week of the Lent.

The Palm Sunday, means the Entrance of the Lord in Jerusalem and it is celebrate in a Sunday called The Palm Sunday.  It is one of the most important celebrations of the Orthodox Church and open the week of preparations for the Easter. Traditions in Palm Sunday. In this day, the people are going to the church with willow brenches to meet Jesus Christ. They put the holy branches in the trees to help it fruit. They do the same with the hivesto protect the bees. The holy branches are used for the cuttles and their health. The willow buds are burned to spread the clouds and protect the house and family. This holy brenches are kept over the year being good for heal diseases. Another custom say that you have to wash your had only with holy water otherwise you will be white on your hair as the flowers of the trees. The elders sais that the one who eucharist himself on this day had good chances to fulfill any desire. In this day is ending the Martisor period so all the women and girls who weared the Martisor are connecting it between the breches of a blossomed tree. The tradition says that how it is the weather in this day, the same will be in the first easter day.

Easter Holidays

The easter represents one of the most important celebrations over the year. The Resurection of Christ is a celebration of the entire christian world. Does not have a fix date and it is ceebrated in many ways by traditions and customs. On the other hand the easter is a true celebration of spring, the rebirth of nature, a celebrations which shoul be joy, peace and hope for anybody. For the romanians, the Easter is a special celebration and for this reason Romania is known as the country which preserved many traditions connected with this celebration. Down here you will find traditions and customs fordifferent areas of Romania.

Easter Traditions in Maramures.

Maramures is the place when the Easter Traditions are unchanged by centuries. The people avoided that the forgotten to set over their heritages. The Easter traditions are simple. The believers are splitted their time in between the work and pray. Sometimes they work and pray in the same time like any other romanian. In the Holly Week, the churches are full of believers which let the work away to listen the Denia and to clean their soul before the Resurrection of the Lord. According tradition is not good to wear coloured clothes in the Holy week and the red colour is forbidden. Nobody can use new clothes, the clothes has to be modeste, somehow mourning. Another specific traditions for this area is to offer charity for the souls of the deads. In Holy Thursday, the people are giving eggs to the poor people and make a big fire  in front of their house to warm the souls of the dead people. In Holy Friday is black feast. We are not eat and drink from the morning untill the sunset. In this day is forbidden to dance. In Holy Saturday to the Easter Sunday the christians goes to the church around 23;30 to participate to the religious service and the Ressurection of our Lord Jesus Christ. They take the light give it to them by the priest and share it at home and to the graves of their deads to have light all the year. In the Easter Sunday they put into a kettle cold water, a red egg, a silver coin and they wash their face to this water to be red in their chicks ( healthy) like the egg and to have richness all year long. Everybody have to wear new clothes.

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