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February Traditions in Romania

Posted on 2019-02-06    Category Traditions

This is our first article in the traditions section. Will talk about the winter traditions in Romania. Our year is full of traditions, customs and things that are coming with us all the year. In every month of the year we have such things which are celebrating in a way or another.

Meeting of the Lord, take place on Febr. 2-nd and it is known by the people as Stretenie. In romanian tradition, Stretenia it was known as a saint woman, which helped the poor people. The day of febr, 2-nd was the celebration of cows and old womens.
Traditions of the day of Meeting of  Virgin Mary
Is good that the women to go with their childrens to the church. When the children have 40 days old after birth his mother takes him to the church. In the name of the family she offer him to God and worship at the altar.
The believers honor the Icone of Mother of God for prosperity and health that day. This tradition is called “Taming of the hardened hearts” or “Simon Profecy”.
In February 2-nd is celebrated also “The Bears Day”. The tradition says that the fathers, put some bear lard on the skin of their childrens believing that the power of the bear pass over the children and he will became strong and healthy like a bear.
On these day the bear came out from his shelter and if he is seen his shadow it will take some time untill the spring.
The elders said that the changing of the weather were related with the unusual behaviour of the bear, called “Al Mare” ( The bigest one) or “Martin” because we call the bear Mos Martin ( the Old Martin)
To gain the sympathy of the bear, the people put on the paths, honey pots and meat. The power of this animal is transmited to the peoples especially to the childrens.
In the same day too take place “Tarcolitul Viilor” a ritual made by the grape growers.
In Transylvania, the man are going to cut and to arrange the vineyards. From the small brenches of the grapes plant they put it on their hats and make a party where are drinking a bottle of old wine.

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