Halloween party in Transylvania

Halloween in Transylvania

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Transylvania is the best place to be on Halloween period. Join a party in the Hunyad castle – 15th century, visit medieval towns and fortresses. Discover the myth and truth of Vlad Dracula.

Transylvania is the region where the action of the famous Dracula’s novell is placed and there are other locations connected with the real life of Vlad the Impaler, alias Dracula: the birthplace in the medieval town of Sighisoara. The Hunyad castle, the Bran castle, medieval towns of Brasov or Medias. If you want to find more informations about the truth and legend of Dracula then come for a visit in Transylvania and a special occasion will be on the Halloween time.
There are great parties and events organized in medieval castles. What can be better than a Halloween night and Halloween Party in a 15th century castle? Enjoy the knights time and Middle Age atmoshephere, a great show with sounds, lights, live music, dance, aso during the Halloween Night. It will be an unique and unforgettable experience. You host will be the – Count Dracula himself. He and his witches and blody servants will make you feel the Halloween Spirit!
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Another highlight of your trip in Transylvania during Halloween is a night time visit at the famous Bran Castle. There is the choice to join a group for a private exclusive visit inside the famous Bran castle, during the evening, outside the regular opening times. It is a much better to visit and feel the Bran castle in such a tour. The tour is guided by “Vlad the Impaler” and is ending with a wine tasting – “Chateau Bran” wine and local cheese tasting.
Transylvania is a region of Romania, which preserve very well a lot of the old medieval towns, fortified churches, castles and fortresses. Most of them were built over 500 years ago. Visiting Transylvania on Halloween time but not only, will give you the opportunity to see and learn about the local culture, history, traditions, legends and way of living.
Enjoy Transylvania countryside with old and charming villages spread over hills or mountain villages in the Carpathians mountains where the main activity is still farming and raising animals. The Romanian villages are preserving the old traditions and customs.

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You can start your Halloween trip in Romania from Bucharest – the capital city and the biggest airport. Spend one night or two in Bucharest with a tour of the city, the old town. The highlights are: Parliament Palace, Athenaeum, Revolution Square, Royal Palace (Art Museum), Old Town, Princely Court, aso. In the evening and night are a lot of choices of good restaurants, clubs, pubs, nightclubs, casinos, aso. So you can start the Halloween party way before of Oct 31st.
Then join a group tour to Transylvania for another 4 nights. Have a great Halloween party at Hunyad Castle and the Night Time event at Bran Castle. The most famous two castles of Transylvania in an unique tour.
The best places to visit along your Halloween trip to Transylvania are: The ruins of Poienari castle – the true castle built by Vlad Dracula, The Sibiu Medieval Town, Hunyad Castle, Alba Iulia, the birthplace of Vlad Dracula – the old medieval town of Sighisoara (UNESCO), Bran castle, Old town of Brasov, Snagov monastery – the tomb of Vlad Dracula.
As optional you can go in the Northern regions of Romania to see Borgo Pass, famous due Bram Stoker’s novell, the painted monasteries of Bucovina or the traditional Maramures.
Don’t forget to taste the Romanian cuisine, mostly based on fresh, natural products. Eat in unique and nice re

Halloween in Transylvania
Bran Castle on Halloween
Vlad Dracula Castle - Poienari
Hunyad Castle
Hunyad Castle
Bran Castle
Sighisoara - birthplace of Vlad Dracula
Transylvanian fortresses
Transylvanian fortresses
Transylvanian towns
Transylvanian towns
Tomb of Dracula