July traditions in Romania

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July traditions are part of the ssummer traditions of the romanians. It are connected with the religious life, and the church.  Are diferent saints and martyrs celebrated in this month wich is also a month of hollydays and vacations for everybody. Will talk about the celebrations of "Pantellile", "The Holy Martyr Marina" and "The Saint Elijah".


Panteliile, are the sisters of Saint Elijah, and represents a highlight of the summer celebrations.

Are celebrated twice, seven days before Saint Elijah and seven days after saint Ilie, in the period 13-27 july.

The most evil and threatening sister of Saint Elijah is Ciurica, celebrated on July 14-th. The ones which do not respect the celebration are beated by Ciurica. The eal childrens or with fear, must to pass this day by flower circles to be cured.

In the same day it`s said is not good to brush or take the garbage out of the house, because the cattles can get sick or could be eated by wolves. On july 16-th is celebrated Maria Macinica, the day when the people get better. The people which harvest flax will have love. It`s not good that women to sweep or to purr in this day.

The Great Holy Martyr Marina

The Great Holy Martyr Marina, was born in Antiohia Pisidiei, from good parents but not well-believers. The Holy Marina has received the teaching of Christ at the age of 12 years old. After his mother death his father drove her away because her faith in Jesus.

When Marina grow up, became a beautiful girl in body and soul. She was full of kindness, helping the poor people. The bishop, Olimvrie, fall in love with her, but when he found out that she is the bride of Christ, put her in jail and torture her. After first day of torture, Holy Marina was called in front of the bishop and all his wounds dissapeared. Subdued to other anguish, Saint Marina has managed to pass all over with patience and faith in God.

The bishop, angry for Marinas bravery, behetead her.

In the people the feast of the Holy Martyr Marina is celebrated with fasting, it is said that on this day, the Holy Marina defeats wickedness and protects people from the temptation.It is the poultry protector and it is said that it is good to share chicken on neighbors to have birds. Light candles are lit in the church to be free of any illness.If the wormwood is harvested on this day, it has healing powers. Where it is sweeped with wormwood, fleas die because of the bitterness left by the plant. Women wash their face with wormwood to thin their cheeks.

St. Elijah

Every year on July 20th, St. Elijah is celebrated. This day marks the heart of the pastoral summer, it is said that the shepherds are separating the sheep from the rams.St. Elias is considered to be the protector of the harvest. It is said that he is the one who controls the thunder and lightning, he punishes the unbelievers.Considering the divinity of the sun and fire, St. Elijah is celebrated through numerous traditions, especially in pastoral environments.The shepherds were allowed to descend into the villages for the first time after the sheep were raised to the mountains at there shepfolds. On this occasion, the shepherds brought to their beloved ones or their wives, wooden forks for spinning, worked with a lot of scrupulousness.According to tradition, the girls went to the land cultivated with hemp at night, stripped and rolled through the culture, after which they dressed and went home. If on the night of St. Elijah they dream of green hemp, they will surely be married with a young and beautiful man and if they dream of dry hemp they will be married with a much older man.In the morning, the cure plants were harvested, basil being one of the most popular plants. They were drowned and used for various illnesses and spells.A habit still preserved today by the elderly is that it is not good to eat apples until July 20th and not to smash the apples between them so it will be hail .By St. Elijah the faithful go to the cemetery and share apples for their past relatives, especially for the souls of the dead children.If thunder in the day of Saint Elias, all the hazelnuts are sown and the fruit of the orchards will have worms.People do not work this day for fear of being thundered and lightning. Through the mountain villages, the elders speak that when ton or flame, St. Elias actually kills a devil. Trasnet is the sound made by the saint's whip of fire, and thunder is the noise produced by the cart when it wobbles through the sky. Elders say that when thunder, people have to make the cross sign, because God has commanded St. Elias to strike in everything, only in the cross, not.

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