March traditions in Romania 1.

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March – is the first month of spring, the month when the weather begin to warm and the nature became alive and colourfull. It is called by the people “Martisor”
Important celebration of March are:
The Friday of St. Toader on March 1-st  and Martisor
The International Day of Womens March 8-th
The St. Martirs on March 9-th
The Good News on March 25-th

Some of the superstitions of the month of march.
If in march are blowing winds, then the month of may will be with good weather.
If in March are tunders and lightnings, then will be a rich agricultural year.
If in march is raining a lot, then will be a rainy autumn.
If the coo coo sing in march then the year will be a rich one.
The tradition of Martisor.
It is a sequence of a ritual of the rejuvenation of the time and the year and one of the most beloved customs by the women.
The Martisor Cord, made by two twisted wool wires, coloured in white and red, represents  side by side the contrasts between: summer and winter, heat and cold, fertility and sterility , light and dark, love and hate, life and death.
It is weared by the women on the blouse or coat since March 1-st untill the coo coo sing his song, are blossoming the cherry trees are coming the swallows or storks.
Traditions of the Good News
The Good News is celebrated every year during the Big Feast , being one of the religious celebration when you have the permission to eat animal products during the feast. It is celebrated every year in March 25-th.
Exists the custom to custom how many times the coo coo sing its name, number of times which will discover how many years we have to live. The boys and girls ask the coo coo how many years are to pass untill they will be married. If it will remain silent it is a sign that will have a fast marriage.
The believe of the people is that how will be the weather in this day, the same will be in the Easter Sunday.
The believe is to put on the front door of the house bread and salt for the meal of the angels which will take care of the house and family all over the year.
 The Easter Feast is the feast between the Resurection of the Lord. It is the longest  and the roughest between the four long feast of the Orthodox Church. During of this feast, are only to opening for eating fish on the Good News in march 25-th and in the Palm Sunday.
The first day of the feast it is called The Cleaned Monday and it is a day when the people used to clean their houses and purify it usinig different rituals. In this day the women are forbidden to do anything else but to wash the dishes.
Since the second day of feast started the real feast which keep 7 weeks and the believers do not eat meat, milk, cheese and eggs.
The people are washed with drinks at the bar to clean their sins.
The most beautiful and profound religious services of the orthodox are “Deniile” Especially the ones from the Holly Week. Untill then everybody clean their houses and whitewashing trees. The happiest are the childrens because are dressed in new clothes and are going to the church.