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May traditions in Romania

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In the next article will talk about some of month of may celebrations from Romania.

Every year , after first Friday after Easter, in the Week Lightened, The Orthodox Church, celebrate The Source of Tampering, celebration feast to the Mother of God.
This celebration, remember us about miracles made by Virgin Mary, the day when all the waters are sanctified, and the Holly Water have more then anything the gift of healing and cleaning the heart of the christians.
This celebration is kept for purifying the christians souls, for the fruit water and the blessing of the house. It is not good for the mans to work at the field because they may become ill.
According tradition the believers are going in the morning of the day to the church to participate to the water sanctification service.
In Wallaquia it is still preserved the tradition that , this day, the priest to go to the water spring to sanctified it to not let them dry or be a house of the evil.

Constantin si Elena
The year 2013 was declared by His Holliness, Patriarch Daniel, like beeing the homage year of the Saint Emperors, Constantin and Elena. Are fulfilling 1700 years from the Edict of religious tolerance from Milan, trough wich the burdens of the religious persecutions are stopped after almost 300 years.
The Saint Emperors Constantin and his mother Helen are known as the ones which given freedom to the christianity. They was not only defenders of the religion but also good christians, defenders of the human dignity. The emperor Constantin given orders and imperial decrets modifiyng the pagane legislation. He forbid the crucification, crush of the feet, burning with the red iron. In the same time he modifies the laws making more difficult the divorce and punishing the adultery. He helped the people in need, the sick people, , the old man and the widows.
In the folkloric calendar de day of may 21-st is known as the celebration of the forest birds, called Constantin Graur or The Constantin of the chicken. The old man said that in this day, the birds tech their babys how to fly.
Are many traditions and customs in Constantin and hellena day. Many of themare refferal to the coming summer. To avoid the damages brought by the birds the peasants do not work this day.
In one areas is the last day when you can cultivate corn, oats and millet. It says that everithing plantes after this day will dry.
Also in this day the shepards decided who will be their chief, where will put the shepfolds and who will gurad it.
The women are given with the incense and aghast to keep away the evil, and the man make a big fire and stay around it.

Sfantul Apostol si Evanghelist loan
St John, was the son of Zevedei an Salomeea, being fisherman and originary from Betsaida. Sf John Evangelist, was the youngest among the 12 apostols. John was one of the most closest apostols of Iisus.
Is the apostol which Iisus ask to take care of His mother. After the resurection, John was the first one who search the emty grave.

May traditions in Romania