Moldovita monastery

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Moldovita Monastery

It is the most complete monastery of the famous 4 in Moldova. It was erected in 1532 during the reign of Petru Rares; one of the sons of Stephen the Great.

 It is a mixture of architecture between Byzantine and Moldavian styles and the Gothic style which existed in Transylvania - gothic elements we can observe in the windows.

The church was built and painted to correspond to the religious philosophy of the „space way“ from our imperfect world to the perfect one of God.
Everything begins on the western side where on the pillars of the porch are painted scenes from the Old Testament which told us the history of mankind from the Garden of Eden continuing to the life of Adam and Eve expelled from Eden. Through the pillars you can see The Last Judgment - a warning of what can happen if you are not following the right way.

Moldovita monastery
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