mashed white beans

Romanian cookery -part 1-

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Let`s start this first part with the course from the begining of each meal: the snacks or apetizers.

To make everything much easier for everybody, I choose a method which will let you print the receipe and take it with you into the kitchen when prepare the meal.




Here will start to present you one of the most popular types of food cooked in Romania.

The receipes are coming from the book "Romaniann Cookery" printed to the printing house  " House of Guides"  in 2010.

In point of meal civilizations  ( either lunch or dinner) the romanian area has been and still belongs to the Eastern world. There are long talking breaks between the curses and the keynote of eating habits is generally a matter of greed and hurry, so that snacks are in fact often the main course. It is said that in Romania one can gorge on snacks only.: there are planty of them extremely savory and tasty.

Talking about soups and Ciorba (Tchorba), we romanians , enjoy the benefits  of a unique gastronomically blend: we have taken over the vegetable soups and added further influences to them: meat balls from the Turks, lettuce from the Austrians,, dry beans with smoked meat from Germans. We added pork in our soups durish the turkish reign because they had taken away our cattle as tribute and then during the Austrian rule, in TRansylvania, we added tarragon ( a german cooking habbit) . We prepare lamb borsch locally as we used to be shepards. The other notes and shades like oil, vinegar, sourcream, borsch itself, depend on regional gastronomy use and practice.

Main Courses, are also subject to plenty odd influences including oriental ones. We have also an Austrian import originating actually in French Cooking: chicken with sour cream prepared in Bucovina. by simply replaicing the fench white sauce with plain Bucovina sour cream. The mushroom schintzel from Banat was brought here by Maria Theresa along with some Swabian settlers. A genuine Dacian dish is the "bulz" (polenta chunk with cheese)

Talking about Sweets, those native romanian deserts are many and savory. Due to ne and same reason: the meeting between Oriental cooking and French cuisine, brought by the frenchified youth to the Romanian Principalities in the mid 19-een century and also with Austrian Cookery. You surely understand the result of such historically repeated influences, exposed to mutual corrections

The first receipe of apetizers  is Mashed White Beans:

400 gr. white beans;  6 onions sliced;  5-6 big garlic cloves, well crushed; oil; salt

Soak dried beans in cold water for 5-6 hours or over the night. Boil beans, 15-20 minutes in 4 liters hot water with 1 teaspoon baking soda. Drain, then repeat two times the procedure without adding baking soda. Let beans boil in the "third water" until soften. Let boiled beans drained well untill all water in gone and beans are lukewarm. Put beans in a blender, add salt and crushed garlic. 

Blend and keep adding oil until the mixture becomes creamy and smooth. Shallow fry half of the onion in a big frying pan. Stir continuously, so all onion slices become goldenbrown and crispy at one time. Drain on paper towel. Proceed in the same manner with the remaining onion.

Serve well chilled bean mash with crispy fried onion.

                       TIP : don`t over cook the beans - the mash will be watery. Add oil little by little, otherwisw the mash may "curdle"











mashed white beans