Trip in Danube Delta 3

Trip in Danube Delta 3

Posted on 2018-01-05    Category Places to visit

The third part of our serie continue our exploration of the delta. In this part will continue to discover new beautiful things about the Danube Delta. Will go to fish and will saw many other birds.

The third day it starts with the breakfast and then, up on the boats to search a new area. Lacul Ligheanca, Văcarul, Fortuna , Băclăneștii Mari, are the next ones.

Ligheanca Lake it is not to deep and because of this readon it is pretty dangerous for navigation, but favotable for sheltering pelicans. Ligheanca Lake, hide a flora and fauna, here to be found poplars and willows, channels with reed, areas with yellow waterlillies or white waterlillies. ON Ligheanca Lake, if you have luck, you can see, pelicans and swans and on the small channels, cormorans, white egrets, herons, coots, and many other species of birds which you never find navigating on Sulina Channel. It is a place choose by the fishermans for pike and perch.

The next lake visited by us will be Vacaru Lake, having a large variety of birds and landscapes. Vacaru Lake is incredible clear and full of hopes, even de vegetation is at 25 cm at the surface of the water. On Vacaru Lake will find backwaters and related channels, existing camping areas and fishing areas where can be organised contests of fishing pike for example.

The beauty of the landscape si amazing, the freshness of the air and the gentle sun are making a perfect atmosphere. After this visit we are going back to the ship for lunch and afternoon rest

In the afternoon, around 4 pm we are going again to explore other lakes.

The next lake is the Fortuna Lake. This lake, have 1 meter above sea level. A stretch of low water, all year round full of water plants, a true water filter for all the channels that flow into it. Fortuna Lake is one of the large lakes of the Danube Delta, with an area of 977.5 ha and a volume of 9.8 million cubic meters. and one of the most visited tourist destinations that should not be missed if you are nearby. Facilities: shore trees, boat fishing, camping possibilities.

Fortuna is a lake with great connotations, formerly a heaven of pike ( a very good place for fishing pike), but nowadays it has lost its reputation, but usually, in the fall, on Fortuna,  it starts the pike season. During the season with very low waters, the fish usually recede on the channels around the lake  especially on Şontea. The fish species are: Carp, Crucian, Rosioara, Perch, Pike, Catfish, Bleak etc. Fortuna Lake is one of the great lakes of the Danube Delta and one of the most visited fishermen.

On Lake Fortuna you can see colonies of Dalmatian Pelican, Small Egrets, Great Egret, Swans, Cormorants, Glosy Ibis, Coot, Ferruginous Duck, The Kestrel, Purple Heron, Pied Avocet, and Spoonbill. Open water stretches, like Fortuna Lake near Crişan, are a true paradise for bird-loving . Also, the wild boar, the enot dog, the muskrat, the mink, the fox live on the area.

Flora is typical of the Delta's large lakes: dwarf sails, poplars, lilies, reed and plant formations known as bent. The surroundings are full of picturesque and rare beauty. It is very important to know the area well, the channels, because otherwise you risk losing, there are many channels that intersect or even cling.

From here we are going to the next and last lake from this morning trip: Baclanesti Lake.    Surrounded by rich vegetation, Baclanesti Lake is one of the largest and most visited by tourists who are in the Delta for the first time. From the boat with which the tourist is transported, one can observe the pelicans, the storks or the egrets in the Danube Delta. Lake Baclanesti offers tourists who choose to attract moments from the lush and natural ecosystem of the Delta as an attraction. On Lake Baclanesti you can fish at pike and perch.

Coming back to the ship for dinner and night time. Next day is another day. Not an ordinary day…for me

Trip in Danube Delta 3
Trip in Danube Delta 3
Trip in Danube Delta 3