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Trip in Danube Delta 4

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This is the last art of our serie about the Danube Delta. it was, I think, a pleasent lecture and I hope that you learn many things about this corner of land and water a real Garden of Eden from this part of Europe.

The fourth day, was started for me at 5 am. Because together with another 2 pasengers plus the captain we was going to fish pike. We started to go to Baclanesti lake which was in the neighbourhood. The fog was rising fast, and the law temperature was stimulating for our morning activities. We arrived and started to launch the bait in the water for pike. Launching, recovering and launching again, and again, and again...catching water plants, or nothing, untill the moment when recovering the bait I felt the jolt of the catched pike. I brought it slowly to the boat, beeing carefull to not take it out from the water, because it would start to jump and escape from the hook. When it was close enough we took the net and take it out from the water. In the next hour everyone catch another 2 pikes and we cameback to the floating hotel right on time for the breakfast. Of course we made pictures with the prade, and then after breakfast we were going to explore another parts of the Delta.

First of all we took the way trough Sontea Channel. Sontea Veche, Sontea Noua and Sontea Lata channels, are a year-round navigable (for mid-sized boats) in lengths of 43.52 km, rivaling the length of the Litcov Canal, considered to be the longest channel in the Danube Delta.
The Sontea Canal is very long and consists of Garla Sontea Veche and Garla Sontea Lata, also known as the West Delta along its entire length, starting from the Sireasa Channel to the west and ending on the Grand “M” Loop at Mila 23 to the east and it is normal to have plenty of good fishing. I do not think there is a delta fisherman who does not have a place, good and secret on this channel.

You can fish from the boat, but also from the shore. It can be reached both on a navigable way, but in some places like ours (near the confluence with the Mila 35 channel). The easiest entrance to this channel coming from Tulcea is: the Mila 35 channel (immediately to the left by the high voltage pylons on the Tulcea branch) then the right on the Sontea Noua canal, to a great extent parallel to Garla Sontea Veche, lies to the north of it also secured connection with the Stipoc Channel and through it, with the Chilia Arm. As fish species: all.
Fishing parties are always successful in this area, you can have record catches and you will always be pleased with what you will encounter in these unique places.
The Sontea Canal has a considerable width being the most important channel of the Western Delta, Sontea is used by both tourists and professional fishermen fishing in the lakes and jays of the West Delta, which do not allow you to sneak through the branches of the and the landscape is so minute that you almost lose the notion of time when you sail over the waters.

From here going to Lacul Nebunu. Lake Nebunu and its surroundings is a small stretch of lake area, characteristic of the river delta that hosts specific biocoenoses, adapted to the large amplitudes of the flood wave. Nebunu Lake is located in the Sontea - Fortuna Lake Complex, a protected area. It covers an area of ​​115 hectares.

The reason why it was placed under the protection regime is that it provides optimum reproductive conditions for the fish species characteristic of such low-intensity lakes and with low depth and also ensures nesting conditions during the summer months for different species of ducks , egrets, swans, cormorants and other water birds, but also mammals in the region.

Among the branches of the abysses there are colonies made up of a bunch of nests of different bird species such as hawthorn, bumblebee, big egret, small egret, small cormorants, nests built among willow branches.

The lake is invaded by submerged and floating vegetation.

Here you can film and photograph the diversity of birds and landscapes around the lake, a wild paradise where the sun and weather have other dimensions.

From here follow Canal Sireasa to Canal 36. The Sireasa Canal starts from the northern third of the great 36 Mila Canal and ends west on the bank of the dyke that supports the DJ222N. The general direction of the Sireasa Canal is from E to V, but the canal presents several broad meanders along the way. In the first third (the one from Mila 36 Channel), the Sireasa Channel presents two perfectly parallel arms (the southern branch and the northern branch).
         The entrance to Mila 36 Channel is on the first branch (the southern one), but both branches are perfectly accessible. On large water there are possibilities of crossing the southern to the northern arm, crossing a flood of forest flooded a few meters. Throughout its course, the Sireasa Canal has a broad look, with firm, but bushy shores, wooded in the first half and poplar on the northern shore in the second half.
        The Sireasa Canal can be fully moved in sliding, except for the critical points in the last Western Patriot. Beginning with the middle of the canal, the northern shore is tall enough to allow camping even on large water.
        On this channel you can fish at: red, bayonet, perch, cormorant, sleep, pike and caraway. Ariving on Canal 36.

Channel 36, a fishing spot very well known to Danube Delta fishermen. Maybe also because it is close to Tulcea, so it is quite accessible. The channel has an average width of about 15 meters and a length of 11 km and connects the Tulcea and Chilia arms.
        The channel entry is from the Sulina arm, on the left-hand side between miles 35 and 36 immediately after the high-voltage pylons. There are many fishing spots, especially on the right side of the canal, not reed, the banks being accessible. The channel is heavily circulating because it connects with the Chilia arm, as we have already said, but also with the Channel Suna and Sireasca Channel.
     Access is made by waterway if you want to fish.
       On Channel 36, it flies especially to sleep, carp and caraway, the main species targeted. However, we can not rule out the saddle, avatars and pockets.

On channel 36 will stop for the night to sleep being prepared for the next day to come back to Tulcea

The fifth day it is in the same time, the last day in the Danube Delta. The boat will bring us back to Tulcea and will see again the city which represents the gate of Danube Delta. This last night in the middel of the wild have something magic. We can`t believe that our beutifull journey is almost ended. After so many days in the delta we want to stay more we don`t wanna go home yet, but everything goes to an end and also is our trip. Beautiful journey in the middle of the nature will never forget and promise to comeback someday.

Trip in Danube Delta 4