Visit Transylvania

Visit Transylvania

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Transylvania, “the country beyound the forest” is a great place to discover and to add as travel destination in your future plans. It as a region which combine the historical sights, the old rural areas with their traditions and way of living and beautiful natural landscapes, spectacular mountains and wildlife.

Plan a trip to Transylvania, the biggest region of Romania and you’ll be delighted about the place and its people. Discover this corner of Europe. Why to visit Transylvania? We give you couple reasons as follows:

If you like the history, old towns and castles, then this is the place for you to visit. From the ancient time in Transylvania are preserved the ruins of the Dacian towns and citadels and also the Roman ruins. But Transylvania is a must to be visited for the ones which love the medieval period. The legendary times of knights, castles and big battles. Visit the old towns from Transylvania with their old houses, narrow streets and strong fortifications. Include in your journey through Transylvania cities  as Brasov Old Town, Sibiu, Sighisoara (UNESCO), Medias or Alba IuliaIn the past the people from Transylvania had to fight for their live and freedom and therefore it was developed an amazing defensive system with more than 300 fortresses of different types and sizes. The most impressive are the big and famous castles as Bran castle and Hunyad castle, or strong citadels as Rasnov, Rupea, Deva or Fagaras. In Transylvania you can see and visit an unique defensive system – Fortified Churches. Almost every village in Southern Transylvania had a retreat / shelter place to be used in case of danger. Visit the unique Transylvanian fortified churches as: Prejmer (UNESCO), BIertan (UNESCO), Viscri (UNESCO), Harman, Codlea, Ghimbav, Cincu, Mosna, Alma Vii, Axente Sever aso.

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 Rural Transylvania, countryside and old traditions and way of life. This is a different reason to have a tour in Transylvania. Explore a visit to the charming old villages with their architecture, well preserved traditions and way of living, like a journey in the past. Transylvania is definitely one of the regions in Europe where traditions are still well preserved. There are beautiful customs during holidays, in some areas you’ll see people dressed in their folk costumes, you can see and visit craftsmen using the authentic tools, horse driven carts on the streets, home made food, aso. Maramures it is a special region to visit. It is located in North of Transylvania and it is famous for its wooden churches and wooden gates.

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 Nature and Wildlife

Transylvania it is surrounded by the Carpathians mountains which are offering great landscapes and scenic drives, many options for hiking or just for short stops to see natural landmarks as: Bicaz Gorges, Piatra Craiului National Park, Bucegi mountains, Red Lake, Tarnita Lake, Apuseni mountains, aso. In several areas you can join a tour to see wildlife as brown bears, deer, lynx or wolves or some birdwatching programs.

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 Gastronomy and drinks

The cuisine in Transylvania is a mix between Romanian gastronomy with influences from Hungarians , Germans and sometime Turkish. It is based mostly on natural products and home made food or slow food are tasty and delicious. The most popular meat is pork but there are various meals which include chicken, lamb, beef or fish. The trout fish in Transylvania is excellent. Transylvania is a very good region for wines and there are a lot of vineyards bigger or smaller, famous or less known but all of them compete with good quality wines. Some of them use authentic Romanian grapes as Feteasca Neagra, Feteasca Regala, Novac, Cadarca. Don’t hesitate to taste some samples of Transylvanian wine as: Jidvei, Recas, Minis, Lechinta, aso. Don’t forget the strong spirits called “palinka” or “tuica” which are plum, pear or apple brandy.

 Have a visit in lovely Transylvania and you’ll enjoy the taste of this unique region!









Visit Transylvania
Visit Transylvania
Visit Transylvania
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