Bucharest day tour


Bucharest – Full day tour

Private Guided Tour. Duration: aprox: 6/7 hours Pick up from your location in Bucharest and start to explore the capital of Romania. First stop at Village Museum, lying in a specific romanian setting, on the Herãstrãu lake shore in Bucharest, is one of ...

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Brasov Walking Tour

Bucharest - Old Town walking tour

Private Guided Tour. Duration: 3 / 4 hours It’s a perfect choice for the ones which have a central accommodation and want to explore the old district of Bucharest. The guide will meet with you at your hotel and you’ll start ...

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Bucharest – Panoramic Tour

Private Guided Tour. Duration: aprox: 2 hours Pick up from your location in Bucharest and start to explore the capital of Romania, through a panoramic tour by car. During the tour you’ll have the chance to see the most importants sights ...

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Bran Castle

Transylvanian Castles Tour

Private Guided - Day tour from Bucharest Just one day tour break in Transylvania but enough to explore the atmosphere of Transylvania and some of the most important tourist attractions such as:the wonderful Peles Palace from Sinaia, Bran Castle, the magic ...

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Why to choose Bucharest day tour?

Everybody knows Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Of course the majority of the tourists are coming in our country using the flights to Bucharest. Anyway, you can`t come in Romania without seeing our capital. In this conditions everybody try to think before to come here at how it is Bucharest. Many people are thinking coming here to a city with a grey communist arquitecture and not much to discover. Maybe some of them heard about the Palace of Parliament which is the largest administrative building after the US Pentagon, but… that`s it . Well, when they arrive in Bucharest along the way from the airport to the heart of our capital I can see as a guide, how their faces are turning from something expected to surprise…because after we pass the House of the Press entering on Kisselef Boulevard with its beautifull trees and we stop in front of the triumph Arch a smallest replica of the from Paris, built in the `30-s for the glory of the romanian army in The Great War, they are surprised and enchanted. In the heart of the city on Victoria Boulevard with the Royal Palace, The Revolution Square and the beautifull baroque arquitecture with gave once to the city the name “Little Paris” the impression above the tourists is powerfull and show them that the things are not as they thought. 

The National History Museum, The National Military Museum, The National Art Galery, The Palace of Parliament or The Primaverii Palace – former residence of Nicolae Ceausescu are reasons to spent a day in Bucharest, to not talk about The Village Museum which present traditional Romanian houses one of them having more than 200 years old, transported here from there original places to be seen by the people from all over the world. Bucharest, in its historical center is full of beautifull buildings and also beautiful are its small and picturesque streets were in the summer time the terraces are everywhere and the joy it is in the air. The old court founded by Vlad Tepes – Draculea himself is also here and “Hanul lui Manuc” – famous restaurant and extremelly important place in our history, because two famous peaces were signed here are one of the few places which you must see coming in Bucharest.

What else can I say about the Cismigiu and Herastrau Park ? or about the restaurants where you can taste our delicious food and watch the traditional Romanian dances? Everithing is wonderfull. Come to spend a night here and you`ll be satisfied ! Choose one or more from our Bucharest guided tours and start to enjoy this city! From Bucharest you can book day tours in the surroundings as a day trip to Transylvania and its most famous castles; Snagov or Comana monasteries; Poienari – the true Dracula’s castle built by Vlad the Impaler; aso. Book one of these day tours from Bucharest!


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