Halloween in Transylvania. Discover our Halloween and Dracula Tours

The legend and life of Vlad Dracula are very popular and it is the reason of many tourist to choose a trip in Romania. Followin this theme we want to present to our guests the real facts from the life and history of Vlad Dracula and the most important sights connected with his life and his legend.

Spend your Halloween in Transylvania and you'll never forget.

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Most popular Dracula and Halloween tours in Romania

Halloween tour in Transylvania

Halloween tour in Transylvania

The best Halloween tour in Europe. Halloween Party at night at Hunyad Castle – a true medieval castle. Nighttime event at Bran Castle. Two castles in one tour and more.

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Dracula tour in Romania

Dracula tour

Great tour in Transylvania. Find more about the true story and myth of Vlad Dracula. Tour of the sites connected with Vlad’s story and legend.

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On the steps of Dracula tour

On the steps of Dracula tour

A short 3 days tour to see the highlights of Vlad Dracula. It true story, true castle, birthplace and tomb. Plus more about his legend and about Transylvania.

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Related Dracula and Halloween tours in Romania

Have a look over all our Dracula and Halloween in Romania and don’t hesitate to contact us for any more informations you may need.

  Explore Romania by choosing a Dracula or Halloween tour

Romania – Dracula and Halloween Tours

Our Dracula tours will visit the Snagov monastery, Poienari castle, Sighisoara or Borgo pass but are also the chance to visit other attractions from the medieval Transylvania. There are some mandatory visits which are included in any tour with Dracula’s theme: the famous Bran Castle, the town of Sighisoara – birthplace of Vlad Dracula, the old town of Brasov, where Vlad the Impaler spended couple years of his life. The old towns and villages from Transylvania wihich are preserving the old architecture Having a Dracula tour in Romania you’ll not follow only the Dracula’s story, it is a good chance to visit other sights (mostly from Transylvania but not only) as Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Hunyad Castle, the fortified churches from Transylvania, Hunyad (Corvin) Castle, Alba Iulia, Peles Castle, Arges monastery and many more. Along your private guided Dracula tour you’ll find more about the history of Romania, the true and myth of Vlad Dracula and you’ll be in touch with local people, with Romanian culture, traditions, aso.

Dracula Tour – 5 days or On the steps of Dracula tour are some examples of tours available all year round.

For the Halloween period we offer a special Dracula Halloween Tour. What a better place to spend your Halloween then Transylvania, the birthplace of Vlad Dracula, and to have the Halloween party in a 15th century medieval castle – Hunyad Castle, the biggest medieval castle from Romania. This is an unique event exclusively organized for the members of our Halloween tours. We also have a second night time event - a private visit after dark in the famous Bran Castle.

Join our Halloween Tour for an unforgettable experience in Transylvania. It is the only tour which include special events on Halloween time in the most important castles from Transylvania. Book now for the best Halloween Party and Tour in Transylvania.

Spend Halloween party in Romania

For an unique experience join our Halloween Tour in Transylvania, probably the best destination in the World to spend Halloween. Our Halloween tour is unique because include special events in two of the biggest and most famous castles in Europe: Hunyad castle and Bran castle. Halloween Party is organized exclusively for our groups in a true medieval castle. During the tour we’ll have another special event – an exclusive nighttime visit at Bran castle, guided by Vlad Dracula. Book our Halloween Tour in Transylvania.

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