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Sibiu City

Geographic details

Romania lies in South-Eastern Europe, in a space surrounded by the Carpathians, the Danube river and the Black Sea, bordering Ukraine in the north and east, the Republic of Moldavia in the east, Bulgaria in the south, Macedonia and Serbia in the west and south-west and Hungary in the west and north-west.
The natural borders of the country are the Danube river in the south, the Black Sea in the south-east and the Prut river in the east.
Transylvania is a province of Romania and it is situated in the north-west towards the centre of Romania, being surrounded by the Carpathians and the natural framework is made up of mountains, rivers and plateaus.
Romania lies over about 240,000 square km.

Local time

GMT + 2 hours.
The summer time is GMT + 3 hours, between the last Sunday in March and the last Sunday in October.


The climate is continental-temperate with warm summers and cool winters. Annual average temperatures between 8 degrees Centigrade in the north and 12 degrees centigrade in the south. In Transylvania the temperature can reach +35 degrees Centigrade in summer and -25 degrees Centigrade in winter. Be ready for the climate differences for even in summer one needs warmer clothes and an umbrella is also compulsory especially in the mountain area. Mountain areas have a distinct climate and weather may change rapidly, so that from a sunny summer morning one can have a rainy afternoon.


Romania has a population of about 22 million, out of which about 50% live in Transylvania. The majority are Romanians. In Transylvania there is a strong community of Hungarian and German origin. Other nationalities that live in Romania are the Ukrainians, the Russians, the Slovaks, the Croats, the Italians, the Basarabians, the Greeks, the Turks, the Bulgarians, the Serbs, the Armenians, the Macedonians, the Jews, the Poles, etc.


Most Romanians are Orthodox (about 90%). Other religions: Roman-Catholic, Greek-Catholic, Protestant, Adventist, Baptist, Judaic, Unitarian, Muslim, Pentecostal, etc.


The official language is Romanian.


The national currency is `leu` (RON).

Custom clearence

One can enter Romania on the basis of a valid ID card for E.U. members only and with a valid passport for the rest. For some countries is necessary a visa delivered by the Romanian embassies and consulates in the tourist’s native country or at the customs. For details, please contact the Embassy or Consulate of Romania in your country.

Border check points

Customs offices – on the road
Bors, Bihor County – at the border with Hungary
Nadlac, Arad County – at the border with Hungary
Vasnad, Arad County – at the border with Hungary
Turnu, Arad County – at the border with Hungary
Cenad, Arad County – at the border with Hungary
Jimbolia, Timis County – at the border with Serbia and Montenegro
Moravita, Timis County – at the border with Serbia and Montenegro
Gura Vaii, Mehedinti County – at the border with Serbia and Montenegro
Calafat, Dolj County – at the border with Bulgaria
Bechet, Dolj County – at the border with Bulgaria
Giurgiu, Giurgiu County – at the border with Bulgaria
Vama Veche, Constanta County – at the border with Bulgaria
Valea Viseului, Maramures County – at the border with Ukraine
Haleu, Satu Mare County – at the border with Ukraine
Customs offices – on the railway
Bors, Bihor County – at the border with Hungary
Curtici, Arad County – at the border with Hungary
Jimbolia, Timis County – at the border with Serbia and Montenegro
Moravita, Timis County – at the border with Serbia and Montenegro
Calafat, Dolj County – at the border with Bulgaria
Giurgiu, Giurgiu County – at the border with Bulgaria
Ungheni, Iasi County – at the border with the Republic of Moldavia
Customs offices – by air
`Henri Coanda` International Airport Bucharest
Arad Airport
Timisoara Airport
Cluj-Napoca Airport
Bacau Airport
Iasi Airport
Suceava Airport
Sibiu Airport
Oradea Airport
Satu Mare Airport
Customs offices – by sea
The Port of Constanta, Constanta County
The Port of Mangalia, Constanta County
The Port of Sulina, Tulcea County

Traffic rules

One can drive on the right side of the road in Romania. The maximum speed is 50km/hour in, 90 km/hour out and 130 km/hour on the highway. Driving under the influence of alcohol is absolutely forbidden. The minimum age for driving is 18 years old. When driving using the safety belt is compulsory out of towns and villages.

Electrical network

220 V

Phone system

The country telephone prefix is 0040. For calls from abroad, dial 004 and the phone number. For example in order to call 0268-555555 from abroad one must dial 0040-0268-555555. For calls in Romania, dial the phone number. Mobile phone network is very well developed in Romania, covering almost 95% of the territory. The main mobile phone companies are: Vodaphone, Orange, Zapp Mobile, Cosmote.

Banking system

In Romania there are over 40 banks with subsidiaries all over the country. The ATM system is available in almost every town or city in Romania. Credit card payments (Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard) are accepted in big hotels, supermarkets and gas stations. Pin code is needed for payment with credit cards.

Medical services

For emergency calls, dial 112 from all over Romania. The medical system is organized as it follows: medical institutions where one does not pay any fee, but a medical insurance is compulsory; and private medical institutions where one usually pay a fee, but there is a possibility of getting a discount on the basis of the medical insurance.

Postal services

In almost every city, town or village in Romania there is a post office where one can send and receive mail or money.

Emergency phone number



Address: Bucuresti, b-dul Dacia 58, Phone: (004)-021-2102968

Address: Bucuresti, str.N.Iorga nr.36, Phone: (004)-021-3075073

Address: Bucuresti, str.Mos Pitar nr.12, Phone: (004)-021-2100324

Address: Bucuresti, Dr.Burghele nr.1, Phone: (004)-021-3112612

Address: Bucuresti, sos.Kiseleff, nr.6, Phone: (004)-021-2223170

Address: Bucuresti, str.Biserica Amzei nr.13-15, Phone: (004)-021-3120217

Address: Bucuresti, str.Rabat nr.21, Phone: (004)-021-2302580

Address: Bucuresti, str.Orlando nr.6, Phone: (004)-021-2094190

Address: Bucuresti, b-dul Dimitrie Cantemir nr.1, Phone: (004)-021-3304149

Address: Bucuresti, str.Henri Coanda, nr.9, Phone: (004)-021-3113470

Address: Bucuresti, str.Polona nr.4, Phone: (004)-021-2100790

Address: Bucuresti, str.Atena nr.18, Pone: (004)-021-2086030

Address: Bucuresti, str.Paris nr.55, Phone: (004)-021-2304136

Address: Bucuresti, str.Dr.Burghele nr.3, Phone: (004)-021-3120352

Address: Bucuresti, str.Dumbrava Rosie nr.4, Phone: (004)-021-2100274

Great Britain
Address: Bucuresti, str.Jules Michelet, nr.24, Phone: (004)-021-2017200

Address: Bucuresti, str.Dumbrava Rosie nr.7, Phone: (004)-021-2104354

Address: Bucuresti, sos.Kiseleff nr.55, Phone: (004)-021-2233510

Address: Bucuresti, str.Rabat nr.5, Phone: (004)-021-2302150

Chech Republic
Address: Bucuresti, str.Ion Ghica nr.11, Phone: (004)-021-3039230

Address: Bucuresti, b-dul Mircea Eliade nr.14, Phone: (004)-021-2307198

Address: Bucuresti, str.Atena nr.2 bis, Phone: (004)-021-2307504

Address: Bucuresti, str.General Eremia Grigorescu nr.16, Phone: (004)-021-2100880

Ambasada Republicii Polonia
Adresa: Bucuresti, str.Al.Alexandru nr.23, Telefon: (004)-021-2302330

Address: Bucuresti, sos.Nordului nr.2, Phone: (004)-021-2321732

Address: Bucuresti, str.Otetar nr.3, Phone: (004)-021-3126822

Address: Bucuresti, str.Tirana nr.1, Phone: (004)-021-2301739

Address: Bucuresti, str.Sofia nr.5, Phone: (004)-021-2302184

Address: Bucuresti, str.Calea Dorobanti nr.72, Phone: (004)-021-2100279

Address: Bucuresti, str.Calea Dorobanti nr.16, Phone: (004)-021-2116986

Address: Bucuresti, str.Jean Louis Calderon nr.63-65, Phone: (004)-021-3120073

Address: Bucuresti, str.Tudor Arghezi nr.7-9, Phone: (004)-021-2104042

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