Review score (4.6)

Marryl (Australia)

Date   2019-07-11.   Tour name   Romania Unesco Tour

This was a well planned individual itinerary which provided the relaxation periods we requested. All walking tours were very interesting and informative as well as being well paced.  I would suggest finding seating for participants when long explanations are planned. I enjoyed the Turda Salt Mine, this really is a MUST SEE! The Brown Bear experience was something to remember.  

Lynne (Canada)

Date   2019-07-08.   Tour name   Tour of Romania

Great trip and itinerary and Dan was super great. Accommodation was varied and quite fun. It was not great to lug my luggage up to the fourth floor in Sighisoara, but loved the hotel and location. (a lower floor for us seniors would be appreciated)

Jennifer (Canada)

Date   2019-06-24.   Tour name   Hiking and Cultural tour in Romania

We all enjoyed the trip very much. The combination of hiking and sightseeing was just what we wanted. Some days the itinerary was perhaps a bit too full. An example was in Bucovina where we visited 3 painted churches after trying to fit in hiking in the Rarau mountains(we called this off after half an hour due to bad weather) but still went to all 3 monasteries listed. Two would have been enough especially if we had done the full hike. Another  example in Maramures we could have visited one less tall wooden church-2 instead of 3. Budesti would be the one to leave out  as saw Bogdan Voda day before and also were visiting Sapanta monastery. Minor points but some days just felt a bit overfull and we were arriving back at the pensions quite late by our standards. Overall a very good tour. Thanks Jennifer

Gerard (Curacao)

Date   2019-06-18.   Tour name   Transylvania Tour

I was on a business trip to Bucharest and decided to add some vacation afterward. Since I was travelling alone at first I tried to join an existing group tour, however this turned out to be more difficult than I expected, since I would have to book for two persons and the operators cannot tell you which tours already have persons booked. Thus making any planning next to impossible. Then I found Visit Transilvania Travel in the Bradt guidebook. David took the time and patience to propose various alternatives. For a personal tour the price was very reasonable. With some other agencies you only respond to a computer. I decided to use Brasov as a base and make some (3) day-tours from there.I am sure that in my particular case this was the right decision.Daniel was very knowledgeable. I ended up in Romania more or less by accident, did not know too much about the country before my visit and got a 3 day crash course in Romanian and related Eastern European history. His enthusiasm made me see much more than I would otherwise have seen. I have trouble climbing steps but Daniels enthusiasm kept me going.While all I saw was very interesting I liked Viscri best. A tranquil village with a small fortified church on a wooded hill. To me this was the highlight of the trip.Thank you very much!

Norman (United Kindom)

Date   2019-05-29.   Tour name   Romania Unesco Tour

Our instructions to Visit Transylvania Travel were to devise for us a tailored twelve day tour in Romania that would cover our interests in historic buildings including principal UNESCO sites, wild flowers, and so that we would learn something of the history and culture of the Country and enjoy its beautiful scenery. We also asked that we should wherever possible have a minimum of two nights at any one place. We only gave them about a months notice to do this. It was to be our first visit to Romania.To give us the freedom to do what we wanted, when we wanted to do it, we chose not to join a larger group for which the company also provides.This resulted in a tailored itinerary packed full of interest that covered a lot of ground, and some long distances, but which was doable in a relaxed and enjoyable way. It was very well planned, with good timings, and all went without a hitch. We stayed in a range of accommodation, both in hotels and rustic pensions, the latter giving us a marvellous insight into the lives of local people as well as enabling us to sample traditional fresh home cooked food - and plum brandy!The itinerary included a special visit to rare primevel forest accompanied by a specialist and forest ranger, and on another occasion an evening visit to a forest to see brown bears in the wild.We were accompanied throughout by our driver/guide, David, who not only spoke perfect English (better than many English in the UK!) but was a mine of information not only about the places we were visiting but so much beyond. All this interesting information he imparted with a relaxed ease, never boring or too much. He was courteous, adaptable, helpful, constantly cheerful with a sense of humour, all of which made our travels FUN, and never tiring - at least for us. Travel was in a comfortable four wheel drive car affording good visibility both in the front and back. it was possible, on the move, to make diversions, and slight amendments to our itinerary so as to accommodate our individual preferences and make best use of the changing weather.We contacted Visit Transylvania on the recommendation of friends, and would now ourselves readily recommend them to others. It is a small company capable of providing a quality personal service at reasonable cost. In fact having previously considered a bicycling holiday in Romania with a UK based, company, we felt that this trip represented excellent value for money.Visit Transylvania Tours clearly have a deep knowledge of their country and good contacts which can lead to special experiences.If returning to Romania to explore another part, which we might well do, then we would certainly use Visit Transylvania Tours, which is based in the charming town of Brasov.

Craig (South Africa)

Date   2019-03-23.   Tour name   Group tour in Transylvania

This trip has been extremely enjoyable and the has had a very good time. Bran castle and Sibiel special programs was the highlights of the trip. Thank you very much.

Dan (UK)

Date   2019-03-22.   Tour name   Transylvania Tour

It was really interesting learning about the history of Romania. It was exciting to learn about Bran castle and history of Dracula.

Trisha (Australia)

Date   2019-03-19.   Tour name   Transylvania Short Break

Authentic cultural experience. Good choice of venues. Extremely knowledgable guide. Great tour Would have liked more time in Sibiu

Magda (USA)

Date   2019-03-15.   Tour name   Transylvania Tour

The tour was very informative, great itinerary, loved the history, the sites, we learned so much every day. Guide services excellent. I'll give highmarks on Tripadvisor too.

Kalinda (UK)

Date   2018-11-01.   Tour name   Halloween Tour

Really loved the knowledge and expertise of our tour guides  - our guides were FUN and super knowledgeable and just a wonderful duo to be around. I loved traveling through the mountains and the wealth of options available for tours (plus downtime for shopping/roaming around). The trek to Vlad's castle was amazing (I had food poisoning the evening before; my guide was kind enough to make sure I was ok getting up the stairs and back down again, and gave me even more info for my Vlad Tepes research along the way - his kindness was truly appreciated when I wasn't feeling well, and I can't thank him enough!). The Halloween party was definitely the highlight of the trip. It was an absolute once-in-a-lifetime experience to be in a medieval castle in Romania on Halloween! I've been sharing the experience with many friends and acquaintances on social media and can hopefully send more visitors your way in the future. 

Alyssa (UK)

Date   2018-10-31.   Tour name   Halloween Tour

Enjoyed meeting people and had fun at the party - I liked that it was not all about getting drunk. Although I enjoyed the party, it contradicted what we were told by the guides. Instead of having someone pretend to be the fictional Dracula, have the party resemble a party/event/gathering the REAL Vlad would have had. .... And, is belly dancing really a "thing" in Romania??   

Maria (Sweden)

Date   2018-10-31.   Tour name   Halloween Tour

I would like to thank you once again for a fantastic trip and for the best Halloween I've ever been to. I really liked everything during the trip and would love to see more of Romania in the future.

Laura (Brasil)

Date   2018-09-30.   Tour name   Unesco Tour

The trip was very well organized.  The guide was excelente. The choices of hotel perfect. I am definetly reccomend you to my friends

Cheryl (USA)

Date   2018-08-15.   Tour name   Transylvania Tour

Lovely to hear from you. We certainly do have good memories - interestingly I have been thinking a lot about the trip because I have just written up my travel notes to go with the picture book. I have filled in in red below. I have certainly recommended you to friends so hope we generate you some business.

Barry (United States)

Date   2018-07-25.   Tour name   Dracula Tour

Greatly enjoyed Hunyad and Peles Castle. Very interesting to hear history and current development in Romania. Also very educational to hear real details of Vlad Tepes Dracula history

Richard (UK)

Date   2018-05-23.   Tour name   Unesco Tour

A great experience and the best opportunity to get close to the way of life and the people. The service provided was exemplary and could not be faulted. One of the best travel experiences as judged by a world traveller of some 50 years!

Michael (United States)

Date   2018-05-23.   Tour name   Transylvania Tour

Love it all. David is great, very smart and informative. Peles castle is the best. Sighisoara hotel is not so good (fair)

Danielle (United States)

Date   2018-05-23.   Tour name   Transylvania Tour

I highly reccomend Romania to others as a travel destination.. David is very passionate about Romania. I learned a lot.  All very beautiful! Sighisoara town was my favorite

Jorgen (Norway)

Date   2018-04-02.   Tour name   Unesco Tour

Thank you for å a wonderful trip.

Sheryl (United States)

Date   2017-11-04.   Tour name   Halloween Tour

We just wanted to thank you for truly memorable vacation in Romania. Not only was it informative, the accommodations and attention to our every need made this a fabulous experience. We were sorry to miss saying goodbye to the group but have already connected with several of them through Facebook.

Jody (UK)

Date   2017-11-04.   Tour name   Halloween Tour

This was an amazing trip. Bogdan was a funny, tolerant, informative tour guide. This trip wa so much fun. Overall this tri was very well done!

Crystal (Germany)

Date   2017-11-04.   Tour name   Halloween Tour

Trip was very informative. Knowledgeable tour guide, he gave just enough information on each place to help make it a bit more interesting. All of us need more than a week to see this beautiful country.

Eliza (United States)

Date   2017-11-04.   Tour name   Halloween Tour

Great Halloween Party! Excitment and good people

Ralf (Denmark)

Date   2017-11-04.   Tour name   Halloween Tour

Very good Halloween Party. Great tour.

Irenne (United States)

Date   2017-11-04.   Tour name   Halloween Tour

Excellent! Would do this again. Best birthday ever!

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