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If your ancestors emigrated from Romania and you’re interested to visit this country to find more about the native land of your ancestors, about their history, traditions and way of living send us a tour request. We can help you to design a customized heritage tour in Romania to visit the places related with your family ancestors. We have experience in this type of family tree tours and we can use the informations you provide to find more details, places, aso. If you have just names of people, old names of villages, old letters or photos or description and you want to see those places, we can plan your visit in Romania. We’ll offer a customized guided tour and all our assistance. Our tour guide will be with you along the tour, helping you with informations, translating the talks with local people, sharing with you knowledges about Romanian history, aso.

Our heritage trips provide the opportunity to experience the history and culture of your heritage, to walk on the streets where your ancestors have been, to find the old houses and places where they lived, to visit the church where they, maybe, was married to spend a moment to their grave and why not to meet some existing relatives.

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