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Nature and wildlife

Nature and wildlife tours in Romania are designed for the ones willing to spend their vacation in nature, to enjoy the beauty of our mountains, lakes, rivers, forest, etc. Romania has a rich wildlife. The Carpathians Mountains are home to a wide range of wild animals, from big predators such as the brown bear, volves, lynx, bison , foxes, deer, and chamois. We have specialized tours as brown bears watching tours which allow you to see these animals in their wild natural habitat. We also have birdwatching tours in Romania for those passionate about bird life. A great area for those is the famous Danube Delta, but it is not the only one. In all these specialized tours you’ll be assisted by mountain rangers or tour guides specialized for such activities in order to increase your experience and safety. Another way to explore the natural beauties are the nature tours in Romania in which we will drive you through the most scenic roads, to admire the nicest sceneries or to see the best places that nature is offering, some of the places being less known and less crowded.

Boat tour in Danube Delta

Boat tour in Danube Delta

6 days

Would you like to spend a couple days far from the crowds and cities, in nature, enjoying wildlife, in a paradise of water, birds and fishes? Danube Delta boat tour is the perfect choice. It is a different way to explore the wonderful Danube Delta – the last wild territory of Europe. We’ll sail for 4 days along the narrow water canals and lakes with a slow and comfortable boat, having the chance to surprise the local wildlife.

Why to book a wildlife tour in Romania?

Romania is one of the fewest countries in Europe which still preserve a large wildlife such as: brown bear, volves, lynx, bison , foxes, deer, and chamois. To see these animals in their wild natural habitat is best to go in a specialized program such as the brown bears watching tours or any similar programs.
About 400 species of birds are living in Romania therefore it is a great destination for birdwatching tours. Come in Romania for wild animals watching programs assisted by specialised tour guides.
The Carpathians mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls offer amazing natural landscapes all year round. Nature tours in Romania are an opportunity to visit them, to take nice photos and set great memories.