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Our Romania Travel guide will provide you information about the country best tourist attractions which may help you to decide which tour to book, in which region you’ll want to travel. We hope that you’ll find here helpful details in order to plan your visit in Romania. We’ll invite you to discover the jewels of Romania by visiting our country.




The capital of Romania is first documented for the first time in 1462 during the time of Radu cel Frumos brother of Vlad the Impaler. It first, became the capital of Romania in 1859 when Alexandru Ioan Cuza established the capital of the new state Romania in Bucharest. Bucharest was developed very well during the time of Carol I - our first king of the Hohenzollern -Sigmaringen dynasty.

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Why to visit Romania? What I can see there? How can I travel to Romania?

Romania is considered a new entry on the European tourist map. More and more people started to discover this beautiful country located in South Eastern Europe. Visiting Romania you’ll discover that it is a fairly big country with a lot of interesting places to see. There are several regions which are mostly visited as Transylvania, Bucovina , Maramures, Danube Delta and the capital Bucharest. Different important tourist sights are spread on this regions but not only, having fairly big distances and long driving times between them. Thefore when you plan your trip to Romania allow minimum 3-5 days for a short trip, 7-9 days for a comprehensive tour and 12-15 days for a grand tour of Romania.


Travel to Romania

Romania is part of the European Union since 2007 and the same entry system is used. Citizens from many countries do not need Visa as from: USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brasil, EU countries, Australia, New Zeeland, Japan. Here is the list of countries whose citizens don’t need visa. For any informations about Romanian Visa system consult the official webpage of the Romanian Ministery of Foreign Affairs.

The biggest airport of Romania is Bucharest, and most tours start there, but you can use the airports from Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Iasi, Targu Mures and Brasov (starting with 2022), etc.. Coming by train from Western Europe (Vienna, Budapest, Prague) you can start your tour from one of the cities you meet along the route: Oradea, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Sighisoara or Brasov. The last one, the city of Brasov, is located in the center of Romania and if you want to stay in one place and see the surrondings in daily tours than chose Brasov as your base.

Where to stay

In most places you’ll find good hotels and pensions which respect the international standards of hotel classification. Our suggestion is to choose a 3 / 4 stars hotel located in the centre of cities, in the old town with easy and confortable acces to the main sites and also to allow you to spend time at your leisure. In the old distrcits there are a lot of restaurants, coffe bars, shops, walking areas where you can spend your afternoon and evening. If you stay in rural areas choose a guesthouse or pension 3 / 4 stars which will offer you good natural food and confort.

Romanian cuisine

You’ll like Romanian meals, most of them based on more natural ingredients. The most used meat is pork and chicken. Fruits and vegetables have a great taste. There are several good Romanian beers as Ursus, Ciuc, Silva, Timisoreana. Romania has good wines too. Just try the red or white or rose, dry or sweeter as you choose. We also have a strong drink called “palinca” or “tuica”. They are plum or pear brandy. Taste them. We hope that you’ll find these few informations as interesting and you’ll decide to visit Romania.

Travel guide to Romania

Our Romania Travel Guide will provide you the necesary information about the most popular regions, the important towns, the best castles and fortresses and about different natural attractions, countryside places which travelers are usualy visiting in Romania. It is very important when you plan a vacation or a tour in Romania to have the accurate information about what you can see and few details about that place.

Our travel guide is structured by regions and include tourist information but also few tips which may help you in planning your vacation.