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Tours in Romania

Most popular tours in Romania

Visit Transilvania Travel is an incoming tour-operator, working since 2005. We are offering a large variety of tours in Romania which include the best sites Romania has to offer as the medieval towns and fortresses in Transylvania, painted monasteries in Bucovina, wooden churches and gates in Maramures, from nice museums and big cities to the jewelries of nature as Carpathians mountains, Danube Delta, lakes and caves. There are private guided tours or group tours you can join. Based on your request we can design a private customized tour.

UNESCO painted monasteries


7 days

Private tour of the best Romanian tourist sights, many of them being included in the UNESCO World Heritages List. It is a great tour through Romanian history, traditions, cuisine and landscapes. Visit old medieval cities, castles and fortresses, wooden churches, the famous painted monasteries.

Highlights of Transylvania

Highlights of Transylvania

4 days

Join us to understand the Essential of Transylvania, the best and most popular tourist attractions, its history, culture and gastronomy. Old towns, castles, fortresses, the most charming villages and scenic drives are part of this private tour in Transylvania. Highlights: Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Bran castle, Saxon fortified churches and many more.

Private tour in Transylvania

Medieval Transylvania

6 days

Discover the charming Transylvania with its medieval towns, castles and fortresses, scenic old villages, traditions, crafts, great landscapes of the Carpathian mountains, green rolling hills and forest. We’ll visit the best tourist attractions of Transylvania, we’ll find more about the local history, traditions and way of life.

Best of Romania

Best of Romania

6 days

One of the best private trips in Romania of the most important sights from Romania. We’ll visit the charming Transylvania with its old medieval towns, castles and fortresses, the beautiful painted monasteries from Bucovina and the capital city of Romania, Bucharest. All combined with beautiful landscapes, charming villages and countryside, enjoy traditional customs, taste local cuisine and crafts

Halloween Tour in Transylvania. Halloween in Romania

Halloween Tour in Transylvania 2023

26 Oct - 29 Oct 2023 - 4 days

STOP SALES! The best Halloween tour in Transylvania – Romania which includes two amazing moments: Halloween party at Bran Castle and Halloween Party at Corvin’s Castle. It is the perfect choice to spend your Halloween in Transylvania, the homeland of Vlad Dracula. Beside the parties and having fun you’ll visit and discover the medieval charm of Transylvania, its history, old towns, amazing castles and fortresses.

Hertiage and food tour

Heritage & Food Tour in Romania

8 days

A private tour which includes visits to cultural & heritage sites and culinary experiences with local food and drinks from different regions. We will invite you to enjoy our history but also our delicious cuisine. Romanian gastronomy has many influences coming from our history, a mix of tastes which rarely can be found in a single country or region. Plum brandies, local wine and beer will complete the culinary journey.

Halloween weekend in Romania

Dracula Halloween Weekend. Start / end in Brasov

27 Oct - 30 Oct 2023 - 4 days

STOP SALES! Probably the best destination for your Halloween weekend in 2023 is Transylvania. Join us for an amazing time and great Halloween parties at Bran castles and Corvin’s castle. Find more about Transylvania and visit two of the old medieval towns such as Brasov and Sighisoara, both of them related with the real life of the famous Vlad Dracula. Join us for your 2023 Halloween in Transylvania.

Private tours in Romania

Romania Rural Tour - Crafts and Traditions

8 days

Discover the rural life, traditions, crafts and way of life from Romanian villages. Ones of the hidden treasuries of Romania is the authentic charming life and people from our villages. Our tour in Transylvania and Maramures will guide you to different areas to find more about local multicultural diversity, visiting and staying in charming villages.

Jeep Tour in Transylvania

Jeep Tour in Transylvania

Off-road jeep tour which offers the best off-road selection of Transylvanian countryside and of the Carpathians mountains. You can test your driving skills on off-road trails. You’ll meet local people on the route and you’ll be witnesses of their traditional way of life, local craftsmen, old historical areas and wilderness routes. Every day is different but equally interesting, alternating nature with cultural sights.

Dracula Tour

Dracula Tour

5 days

When referring to Romania the first thing that comes to mind is Transylvania. Transylvania is home to some of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe, castles and fortresses, some relating to the legend of Dracula, On this trip our specialist tour guide will take you on a trip to the past to discover the enchanting region of Transylvania plus the reality and myth of Dracula.

Boat tour in Danube Delta

Boat tour in Danube Delta

6 days

Would you like to spend a couple days far from the crowds and cities, in nature, enjoying wildlife, in a paradise of water, birds and fishes? Danube Delta boat tour is the perfect choice. It is a different way to explore the wonderful Danube Delta – the last wild territory of Europe. We’ll sail for 4 days along the narrow water canals and lakes with a slow and comfortable boat, having the chance to surprise the local wildlife.

On the steps of Dracula tour

On the steps of Dracula

3 days

Private guided tour. Find more about Prince Vlad the Impaler also known as Vlad Dracula. The route will take you to visit the famous Bran Castle, the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler – Sighisoara, Snagov monastery – Dracula’s tomb, Brasov medieval town – the place where he lived plus other sights related with medieval history of Romania.

The most visited regions

The most popular tourists areas from Romania are Transylvania, Bucovina, Maramures, Bucharest, Danube Delta or Wallachia. Discover our tours in Transylvania, tours and packages on the other Romanian regions and towns.

Trips to Transylvania



Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Bran castle, Hunyad castle, fortified churches: Prejmer, Harman, Biertan, Viscri; Turda Salt mine; Rupea fortress, Rasnov fortress, Fagaras Fortress, Viscri village

Transylvania is the largest region of Romania, a place which combine the medieval aspect of the castles, fortresses, old towns and villages with natural places of rare beauty with well preserved customs, traditions and crafts and delicious home made or natural food and drinks. Book a trip to Transylvania and discover this amazing region.

Travel information Tours
Visit Maramures


Visit Maramures – the land of wooden chuches, wooden gates and well preserved traditions and crafts. Have a tour in Maramures to understand the local rural life, way of living, to visit the cultural heritages, to taste home made food and drinks and to relax in a splendid countryside area. Maramures is a great choice as part of a longer vacation in Romania or you can just choose for a rural holiday in Maramures.

Trip to Bucovina - painted monasteries


Bucovina- the land of famous painted monasteries, it is a region of great beauty and spiritual life. Here can be visited the most important old monasteries built and painted in 15th-16th century which have amazing frescoes on the exterior walls. Many of these monasteries are included in the UNESCO World Heritages list. Natural beauty, traditions and cusine will complete your experience in Bucovina.

Visit Peles castle. Discover Wallachia


Wallachia is the southern region of Romania, between the River Olt and Danube. Here lies Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and the largest city in the country. It is a great destination for a city break in Romania and the most important starting/ending point. The Old Town of Bucharest is a great place to explore the city or for your leisure/shopping.

Boat tours in Danube Delta

Danube Delta

Visit the Danube Delta, the Heaven of wildlife and nature lovers. The place where the Danube river flows into the Black Sea, forms a great delta, considered to be the last wild territory of Europe. It is a maze of water canals, islands and lakes, with just a few cozy fishermen villages. Danube Delta is a sanctuary which hosts more than 300 species of birds and 150 species of fish.

Categories of trips in Romania

We are offering different categories of tours and every traveler can decide which ones match better with his wishes and demands. There are cultural & sightseeing tours, hiking trips, nature and adventure packages, Dracula or Halloween tours, etc.

Cultural trips

Cultural & Sightseeing

Are designed for the people which want to discover the history and culture of our country, to visit the most important tourist sights and to enjoy the scenic drives along the country. We'll visit old towns, medieval castles and fortresses, fascinating monasteries and churches, interesting museums. We'll also drive through the mountains, hills, lakes and charming rural countryside. These are very popular choices for trips to Romania.

Halloween in Transylvania

Halloween Tours

A special time is to spend Halloween in Transylvania. Join us for great Halloween tours in Romania and amazing Halloween party at Bran castle and at Corvin’s castle, for a lot of fun and unique experiences. Transylvania is probably the best place to spend this mysterious holiday, to visit medieval castles and towns to find more about the old legends but mostly for great parties.

Rural tours - Sustainable tourism in Romania

Sustainable tourism

Our goal is to promote the beauty of the Romanian rural life, traditions and crafts. Through our tours included in the sustainable tourism category we want to give our help to preserve the traditions, way of life, old crafts and buildings. An important amount spent by travelers for accommodations, meals, crafts are going to the local inhabitants and local communities.

Food and wine tours

Food and Wine trips

Enjoy and taste the flavours of Romania traveling in a food and wine tour. Local gastronomy, specialities and drinks are part of your traveling experience. Located at the confluence between the Orient, Russia and Europe, Romania has an excellent cuisine rich in flavours and different influences. It is a less known cuisine, if we compare it with French or Italian but maybe that’s the best reason to come and try it.

Jeep tours. Offroad tours

Jeep Tours

Jeep Tours are a different way to discover the best of the Romanian nature, mountains, lakes, wild forest and beautiful countryside. Driving special equipped 4wd cars we’ll have access to off-road paths to places which are less known, a secret part of our country. We’ll see amazing scenery, we’ll see old ways of life, well preserved local customs and crafts. Unique experiences and adventure!

Dracula Tours

Dracula Tours

The legend and life of Vlad Dracula are very popular. Following this theme we invite our guests to discover the real facts from the life and history of Vlad Dracula and the most important sights connected with his life and his legend. Romania is much more than Dracula but to know the real story is a very good reason to visit us and to explore many other beautiful sights

nature and wildlife tours

Nature and wildlife

Discover the beauty of Romanian nature, landscapes and wildlife. We are blessed to live in a country which has almost everything: impressive mountains – the Carpathians, beautiful lakes, dense and wild forest, the amazing Danube Delta and a shore to the Black Sea. Our nature, wildlife or birdwatching tours promise to reveal to you these spectacular areas and the rich wildlife.

Day tours from Brasov

Day tours from Brasov

Brasov city and surroundings are of the most popular tourist areas from Romania. Our guided day tours from Brasov are offering choices to visit the old town of Brasov, the medieval castles and fortresses as Bran castle, Corvin’s castle, Rasnov fortress, Rupea, etc, to discover the beauty of the Saxon fortified churches, unique in Transilvania, the charming villages and natural sights.

Corporate and customized group tours

We design, upon request, special tours and packages for corporate and customized groups or associations.

pre & post river cruise tours

Pre & Post River Cruise Tours in Romania

For those who have decided to enjoy a wonderful cruise on the Danube River we are offering a selection of pre / post cruise tours in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. We are inviting you to discover this part of Europe to visit the best attractions, to find more about local history, traditions , customs and crafts, to taste local foods and drinks and to enjoy a drive to scenic roads over the mountains, hills and countryside.

Type of trips to Romania

There are several ways to travel and discover a destination or to enjoy a vacation. Our guests can choose between having a private tour, you can join a group tour with guaranteed departure or to have an individual vacation. See below all the options.

Why to book a tour with Visit Transilvania Travel.

We are a tour operator offering incoming tours to Romania since 2005. We are licensed by the Romanian Tourism Ministry, we are using experienced and licensed tour guides, modern comfortable cars, minivans or buses, offering excellent comfort and security to our guests.

Our goal is to offer you a bit more than just a tour or a standard visit. We want to offer you an experience while you are visiting Romania. That’s why we try include in our trips special events (group tours mostly) or visits to local craftsmen, taste local natural products, find more about Romanian customs and traditions, experience the way of life in an old village, have a tour in a horse driven wagon or visit a local household, farm, sheepyard. During your visit we’ll be proud to show you the beauty of the nature as National Parks, Danube Delta, Carpathian mountains, hills of Transylvania, lakes and many more. Choose one of our standard tours or ask for a customized tour!