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Food and Wine trips

Come to discover the Romanian flavours, the excellent local food and drinks. Along our food tours in Romania you may taste traditional food, homemade meals, cookies, pastries, jam, etc made after old recipes, products which are hard or impossible to find in a regular restaurant or cake shop. Romania has a very rich cuisine combining many influences and offers a large variety of dishes which are changing as you are traveling from one region to another. We will guide you to the best places, to try the authentic products made with local ingredients. The wine tours in Romania will drive you to visit local vineyards and cellars and to taste our best wines. In Romania there are many viticol areas which produce excellent wines. Beside food and wines there are other very good products such as honey, jams, pickles, plum / pear / apple brandy, fruit liqueurs which will complete your culinary experience in Romania. You may combine all these with visits to our historical sights, natural sights, traditions, crafts, etc.

Hertiage and food tour

Heritage & Food Tour in Romania

9 days

A private tour which includes visits to cultural & heritage sites and culinary experiences with local food and drinks from different regions. We will invite you to enjoy our history but also our delicious cuisine. Romanian gastronomy has many influences coming from our history, a mix of tastes which rarely can be found in a single country or region. Plum brandies, local wine and beer will complete the culinary journey.

Food tour in Transylvania

Transylvania Food Tour & Sightseeing

5 days

Discover the Transylvanian cuisine, tasty and delicious based mostly on organic local products and with a diversity of recipes due the Transylvanian multi cultural communities and various influences coming from the old times. Joining this food tour of Transylvania and you can also visit the most important historic sights, explore the rural areas and find more about the local people, their customs and traditions.