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We are here to help you design the best customized private tour in Romania. Our agency, Visit Transilvania Travel, has been running private tours in Romania since 2005. We know how important it is for our guests to have an enjoyable and comfortable trip, adapted to your requirements, needs and interests. We believe a tailor-made tour is the best choice for anybody which is planning to travel in Romania privately, as a couple or in a small group of friends. Based on the period and the time you want to spend in our country and the places you want to visit we’ll design several tour offers and we’ll discuss with you until we’ll have the route you want and the services you want. Places for accommodation, vehicle for transportation, places to visit, meal plan or other services, all can be personalized to meet your expectations and will be part of a tailor-made tour in Romania offer. All the tours are private guided by our experienced and licensed tour guides. We can perform tours in different languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German. Other languages on request. Please see below the general steps we need to build your trip plan.



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How to contact us

It is very easy to get in contact with us. You can click on the Book/request button and complete the required fields or just send us an email at
Please send us which are your traveling plans, number of people you are traveling with and as many details you want about places of interest, accommodation standard, etc.
Don’t worry, if we need other details we’ll be sent back our questions.
You’ll have our reply in a short time, our goal is to answer to every request in a maximum 24 hours.

Period and length of your customized tour in Romania

Tailor-made tour in Romania

A very important detail is the estimated period you want to travel to Romania and the length of your tour. Romania is a country to visit all year round, mostly if you have a trip focused on Cultural and Sightseeing, Rural tour or Food and Wine Tour.
The winters are no longer as heavy and cold as they used to be, the snow episodes are in general short and the roads are maintained clean and dry almost all the time in the winter season. 
If you are asking for the best season for a cultural tour our advice goes for May-June and September-October, when it is a nice weather, not so hot and not so crowded as in July-August.
Indeed for nature, adventure, birdwatching or other outdoor activities the recommended period is April to October.
Regarding the length of your trip. Romania is not a small country and the important sights are spread out along the country in different areas and regions which require more time to visit.
For example just coming in the capital of Romania – Bucharest and try to do some day tours from there will not be a perfect solutions mostly because the important sights (Bran Castle, Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara) are located way too far and the average driving time in Romania is about 60km/hours (sometimes less because of traffic).
For a short experience, just to “taste” Romania you’ll need a minimum 3 or 4 days.
To explore one of the regions as Transylvania, the biggest and the most popular tourist destination, you'll need 5 to 7 days. And for a comprehensive tour to include 2 or more regions, such as Maramurest, Bucovina, Danube Delta you’ll need about 7-10 days.
About all these you’ll be able to talk with our specialist which will work with you to establish the route of your tailor-made tour in Romania. request in a maximum 24 hours.

Theme of your journey

Cultural Tours
Customized tours in Romania
Tailor-made tours in Romania

In your private tour to Romania you may have a variety of themes or interests to see or activities to do. Let us know which is your interest, if there are places which are “a must to see” just let us know. There are several categories of trips like: Cultural and Sightseeing,  Sustainable & Rural Tourism, Food and Wine, Jeep Tours, Hiking trips, Birdwatching or other outdoor activities, Family Heritage.
We can design your customized private tour in Romania as you wish focusing on one or more of the above categories or any other you are interested in.

Jeep tours - private tours in Romania
Guided tours in Romania
Responsible Tourism in Romania

Establishing the itinerary of your tailor-made tour in Romania

Knowing the length of your trip and the main focus and interest we can go further to establish the route. We’ll discuss and set the starting / ending locations.
Most people are flying in and the biggest airport is Bucharest, which is also the biggest city and the Capital of Romania. There are other airports possible to use specially the ones in Transylvania, the most visited region, Cluj-Napoca airport, Brasov airport, Sibiu Airport plus fem smaller ones. Other people have a tour in Romania before or after a river cruise on the Danube River. In that case the boats are boarding on Giurgiu Pier, south of Romania. Some cruise lines offer a hotel night in Bucharest before or after the tour. 
Some people are coming with the international trains from Budapest or Sofia, stopping in one of the Transylvanian cities such as Brasov, Cluj-Napoca or Sighisoara or in the capital Bucharest.
So we can start or end the trip in any of the above places or in any hotel or address from Bucharest, Brasov or another city in Romania.
Having the above information we’ll build a tour route and you’ll be able to look over and to ask for changes. Always our first offer is a proposal and we will change it and upgrade it if you want too. We want you to be happy on your trip and to enjoy it, because it is your vacation. That’s why good planning is the best way to reach our goal. 
You’ll be advised if some days are longer, more time driving, etc and you can always ask to do things as you wish.

tailor made trips

Accommodation options along the route

We are talking about a customized tour in Romania so one of things which can be easily customized are the hotels or places to stay overnight. In general we are working with a mix of 3 and 4 stars hotels and some tours have some nights to stay overnight in rural pensions (guesthouses). We are choosing very well the places to provide accommodation, to be clean, comfortable, friendly staff and overall good reviews. In all of them we have stayed before and not once, we’ve stopped working with a hotel if the quality standard started to change.
For a better experience we prefer to use small hotels, boutique hotels, buildings with character rather than big hotels. Even when we are staying in rural areas, in villages we offer cozy accommodation, mostly in family run places. All of them have private rooms, ensuite bathrooms, wifi, AC. Staying in these village pensions, it is a chance to taste the delicious home made food prepared by our host with local ingredients.
Anytime you may ask to change a hotel or just request for a certain category either you want only 5 star or the best in town or just rural stays.

Customized trips to Romania


In all the private guided tours you’ll have a private transport.
Depending on the size of your group we are using different types of cars. For 1 to 3 people we are using medium size cars or SUVs – Mitsubishi Outlander or similar.
For 4-7 people we are using minivans (8 seater): VW Caravelle, Ford Transit or similar
On request we can have other types of transportation.

Private trips to Romania

Special interest / other needs or requirements

Please let us know if you have any special interest or any need or requirement of different kinds.
For example if you have a high interest to see local craftsmen, or a certain category of crafts (like carpenters, weavers) or if you are looking to buy certain products (hand-made or other) or you are interested about local farming, local religion, visit family or family heritages, etc. Knowing these we can create a tailor-made tour in Romania to include more visits according with your special interest.
If you need to have often stops, more time to rest, you prefer the easy walks, no steep climb or just need to have a break in the visiting program at a certain time just tell us and we’ll organize your trip accordingly.

Vacation in Romania

Tour Designer & Tour Guides

When we are receiving your request you’ll be contacted by a member of our team which will work with you to design your route and all details of your private trip to Romania. All our team members  from the office are also licensed tour guides, with a lot of experience “in the field”. So you’ll be in the best hands because they know exactly what can be done, when, if that will be comfortable for our guests, etc. You’ll avoid having “the surprise” to have a tour designed by a person who has never been to those places!
When you’ll come to Romania and you’ll start your tour, you’ll be guided by one of our experienced and licensed tour guides. Are people with a lot of experience, knowledgeable and knowing how to act and do in a private tour.
It is better if you are choosing a company to do your trip to make sure that they have a valid license as tour-operator in Romania and they are using guides which have the license as National Tour Guide. By the law only them have the right to do guiding in museums or other attractions.
We hope all the above information you’ll find useful and we’ll stay at your disposal if you plan to come to Romania and you’ll be interested in a customized guided tour.


Tour Designer and Tour Guides

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