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The Banat is a geographical and historical region straddling between Central and Eastern Europe that is currently divided into three countries: the eastern part lies in western Romania; the western part in northeastern Serbia; and a small northern part lies within southeastern Hungary.


The Mureș River Valley, Nature, and the cities Arad and Timișoara

Tourist attractions

Radna Monastery, Timișoara , Arad

Travel tips

Why to travel in this region?

Traveling to Banat you will make contact with the Romanians from the west. The region is beautiful especially by its nature. The cities and the monuments are not so many and not so important, like in other parts of Romania. With all this Is worth it to visit Timișoara and Arad, old cities developed by the Habsburgs having their importance in European history. For example, Timișoara is the first European city lighted by the electric bulbs at  January 12, 1884

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