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Oltenia also called Lesser Wallachia in antiquated versions, with the alternate Latin names Wallachia Minor, Wallachia Alutana, Wallachia Caesarea between 1718 and 1739 is a historical province and geographical region of Romania in western Wallachia. It is situated between the Danube, the Southern Carpathians and the Olt river.


The Fortified Nobiliar Houses ( Cule), The Dam from The Iron Gates, The Monasteries, and the countryside.

Tourist attractions

The Brâncuși Museum from Tg. JIu, The Tismana Monastery, The Cruise on the Danube to the gorge called „La Cazane”, The fortified noble houses called ”Cula” and the city of Craiova which is the administrative center of the region.

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