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Transylvania is the largest region of Romania, a place which combine the medieval aspect of the castles, fortresses, old towns and villages with natural places of rare beauty with well preserved customs, traditions and crafts and delicious home made or natural food and drinks. Book a trip to Transylvania and discover this amazing region.


Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Bran castle, Hunyad castle, fortified churches: Prejmer, Harman, Biertan, Viscri; Turda Salt mine; Rupea fortress, Rasnov fortress, Fagaras Fortress, Viscri village

Tourist attractions

medieval towns, castles and fortresses, the unique fortified churches, old and charming villages, well preserved traditions and crafts, splendors of nature: Carpathians mountains, lakes, rolling green hills, dense forest, wildlife

Top tourist attractions in Transylvania


Nature and Animals. Nature Parks from Transylvania.

I will tell you some important things about Romania’s flora and fauna. Nowadays, one-third of Romania's territory is a mountain area, largely forested, where most of the interesting flora and fauna are to be found. Another third of the country territory is hills and plateaux areas, with a fair quantity of woodland still remaining, and another third is a plain area, most intensively farmed.

Travel tips

Why to travel in this region?

We are inviting you to travel to Transylvania, the country beyound the forest, as it is the translation of the name. Why? Simply because it is a great destination where you can see the old historic sights but also the well preserved traditions and way of living. It is one of the very few places in Europe where the old living style can be still seen. There are many sights included in the UNESCO World Heritage list which can be discovered.
Transylvania is a peaceful and not crowded place. We are still at the begining to became a travel destination and travelers can still enjoy peacfuly their trip without huge waiting lines, without huge parking lots with many buses. People in the villages are still continuing their normal life without to be transformed in very touristy places. So, don’t hesitate, visit Transylvania now!

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