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Explore Romania Tour P3A Walking Group

Explore Romania - P3A Walking Group

3rd-10th October 2023 - 8 days

This tour is available for the members of P3A Walking Group only. Discover the beauty of the Romanian mountains, Transylvanian old towns, the land of the famous Vlad Dracula, charming villages, rural life, traditions and customs. It is a great way to explore the amazing Carpathians mountains, spectacular sceneries, local wildlife, etc

Painted monasteries

Bucovina Excursion

5 days - !0 Oct - 14 Oct 2023

Discover Bucovina the amazing land of UNESCO painted monasteries, beautiful mountain sceneries, lakes and rivers and breath-taking gorges. Discover the local customs, traditions and beliefs and taste the local food which is part of the experience. This tour is organized as a post trip package for the members of P3A Walking Group Tour. Private guided tour which runs for minimum 4 people

TRansylvania and Wallachia Tour

Transylvania & Wallachia

5 days - Oct 10th - Oct 14th 2023

Discover the charming Transylvania with its medieval towns, castles and fortresses, scenic old villages, traditions, crafts, the great landscapes of the Carpathian mountains and the southern region of Romania – Wallachia. We’ll visit the best tourist attractions in the area, we’ll find more about the local history, traditions and way of life