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Pre & Post River Cruise Tours in Romania

We all know how nice and enjoyable are the river cruises on the Danube.. Many of them have as starting / ending point the river port from Giurgiu or Bucharest – the capital of Romania. If you’ll be in this corner of Europe why not to discover more from what can be seen here. In this section we present several options for pre / post cruises in Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary. These are private guided tours which offer full flexibility to travel on your own mode and speed, to see what is interesting to you most. Below you'll see some pre / post river cruise trip samples but all of them can be customized as you wish. Be ready to discover South-Eastern Europe with a private after river cruise package, an excellent alternative to the group tours.

Post cruise tour in Romania

Post Cruise Tour in Romania

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If you’re ending or starting a boat cruise trip in Romania we invite you to discover more about our country, places that you can’t see from the river. Romania is a fairly large country with a rich history and many well preserved sights, old towns, castles, fortified churches, wonderful landscapes of the Carpathians mountains, charming villages and countryside, traditions, crafts and legends. Discover all of them in a private guided pre or post cruise tour in Romania.

Pre & Post cruise tours in Romania

If you are traveling in a wonderful river cruise along the Danube River from Budapest to Bucharest or on reverse, you’ll start or end the boat tour in Giurgiu river port, located just South of Bucharest. Some river cruises include a night in a hotel from Bucharest – the capital of Romania.
Well if you’ll be here, why not to see more of what this part of Europe has to offer? We all know that from the river you can see just a small part of this area so we are offering a selection of pre or post river cruise tours in Romania or combined post river trips of Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary.
There are many things to see and to discover such as old medieval towns, amazing castles and fortresses, charming villages and countryside. You’ll be driven on scenic roads crossing the mountains, hills or lakes, you’ll find more about local history, places, customs and crafts. You can also try the local cuisine and have a real and more complete experience of this region..
You’ll travel as a private guided tour so you’ll have the possibility to customize your trip itinerary from the planning and booking time. You can travel in the country with flexibility to have stops when you need, to enjoy more time in a certain place when you want or just to enjoy a meal or a drink in a place and time you feel like.
We never forget that it is your vacation and you have to enjoy it to the maximum!