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Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism in Romania is a very important way to help preserving the old traditions, crafts, way of life, architecture and buildings from our country. Keeping alive the interest of people to keep their life in the countryside and to continue traditional activities and crafts. It is a chance for the travel industry and for our travelers to bring their important contribution to preserve our heritages. There are many wonderful countryside areas in Romania, well preserved as a “capsule of time”, places where time has stopped and it is our duty and goal to keep these places, to help the local communities and the local inhabitants. Tourism is a great way of doing that. Our rural tours in Romania will stop for the nights there, people will serve meals and our travelers will have the chance to discover these amazing places, to know their story and to purchase authentic crafts. The money for all these services are going directly to the locals and to their small businesses. Join us for one of our rural tours in Romania, traditions and crafts tours and be part of our project.

Private tours in Romania

Romania Rural Tour - Crafts and Traditions

8 days

Discover the rural life, traditions, crafts and way of life from Romanian villages. Ones of the hidden treasuries of Romania is the authentic charming life and people from our villages. Our tour in Transylvania and Maramures will guide you to different areas to find more about local multicultural diversity, visiting and staying in charming villages.

Why to book a rural tour in Romania? Why sustainable tourism in Romania?

It is our contribution to preserve the most beautiful part of Romania, its traditions, customs, rural way of life, something that the next generations will like to see too. Joining a rural tour in Romania will reveal to you the charm, simplicity and calm of our grandparents' way of life, agriculture, farming, old crafts and tasty natural food. It is a great and enjoyable experience for you. Beside this you’ll be a contributor to sustainable tourism in Romania and you have the guarantee that an important part of the amount spent for the tour goes directly to the locals and help them to maintain their life and activities.