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Tours in Danube Delta

Boat tour in Danube Delta

Boat tour in Danube Delta

6 days

Would you like to spend a couple days far from the crowds and cities, in nature, enjoying wildlife, in a paradise of water, birds and fishes? Danube Delta boat tour is the perfect choice. It is a different way to explore the wonderful Danube Delta – the last wild territory of Europe. We’ll sail for 4 days along the narrow water canals and lakes with a slow and comfortable boat, having the chance to surprise the local wildlife.

Why to book a tour in Danube Delta

If you want to get away from the city’s crowds, to spend valuable time in the wild, then the Danube Delta is a perfect choice. It is a UNESCO World Heritages site and one of the most important tourist attractions from Romania.
We recommend booking a private boat tour in Danube Delta as the best way to discover it. Spend a few days sailing along the water canals, admiring the show of the more than 300 species of birds, get lost between the lakes and islands. It is an option to book a specialized bird watching tour in the Danube Delta and you’ll be assisted by a specialized tour guide.
Along your vacation you may find more about the local people's life, visit the charming fishermen villages, the Letea forest or the old city Sulina, once a very busy port and trade centre.
Your visit to the Danube Delta will not be complete without trying the local cuisine, mostly based on fish products.
Enjoy a wildlife tour or a boat tour in Danube Delta, in these quiet and peaceful places and recharge your batteries for regular life.