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Bucovina- the land of famous painted monasteries, it is a region of great beauty and spiritual life. Here can be visited the most important old monasteries built and painted in 15th-16th century which have amazing frescoes on the exterior walls. Many of these monasteries are included in the UNESCO World Heritages list. Natural beauty, traditions and cusine will complete your experience in Bucovina.


painted monasteries, natural reservations, impressive fortresses, traditions, spiritual life and cuisine are the best things to experience in Bcovina

Tourist attractions

Monasteries: Voronet, Moldovita, Sucevita, Putna, Arbore, Patrauti, Dragomirna, Probota. Fortresses as Neamt and Suceava. Painted Eggs Museum. Marginea Pottery Center.

Top tourist attractions in Bucovina

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Nature and animals of Romania. Natural Parks from Moldova.

I will tell you some important things about Romania’s flora and fauna. Nowadays, one-third of Romania's territory is a mountain area, largely forested, where most of the interesting flora and fauna are to be found. Another third of the country territory is hills and plateaux areas, with a fair quantity of woodland still remaining, and another third is a plain area, most intensively farmed.

Travel tips

If you are traveling to Bucovina during a longer tour in Romania, we advise you to spend at least 2 nights there. It is the minimum time to see the best of Bucovina if you are traveling in a private guided tour. If you are traveling by yourself add at least one more night. Stay overnights in the area of Gura Humorului – Voronet – Humor – Moldovita. In this way you’ll be in the center of the sights and you can do daily trips to discover the best attractions. We advise you to use small hotels, pensions or guesthouses rather than big hotels, for a better local experience. Don’t hesitate to try local products, they are delicious. Local restaurants and pensions try to use local products for their menu, which are fresh, natural and also help the local farmers. Make your tour in Bucovina to be an experience and visit local markets, small crafts workshops and local artisans.

Why to travel in this region?

We are inviting you to choose a tour in Bucovina and to discover this beautiful region of Romania. It is a place full of history and spirituality but also having amazing sceneries and nature reserves. For these reasons, Bucovina is an area with hight tourist potential and one of the top destinations for a tour in Romania or a vacation. 
Use your trip to Bucovina to visit the most famous painted monasteries as Voronet, Moldovita, Sucevita, Probota, the unique churches as Arbore, Patrauti or St John the New. Combine your visting plan with two of the best Romanian fortresses: Neamt Citadel and Suceava Citadel or local museums.
Having a tour in Bucovina is a great opportunity to experience local traditions, crafts and cuisine. Visit Painted Eggs Museum, Marginea Pottery Center, Etnographic Museums and local markets. 
Regarding cusine, Bucovina is one of the best regions of Romania. Due different influences of Romanias, German, Austrian cuisines, the food in Bucovina (specially slow food) is really great. Find local restaurants or small hotels / pensions where you can taste the delicious natural courses. 
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