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Travel trough Romania.

This section of our blog will tell you stories about our travels through Romania, to have an idea, about how it is to be a tourist in this country.

Here will describe for you our trips through Romania, with our clients, or without them. You will have the opportunity to have a detailed description of our tours and you will know much better what should expect from a trip with us.

bran castle

Why spend Halloween in Romania?

Travel trough Romania.

Posted 19-01-2024

These are the two unique and amazing parties in one Halloween tour in Transylvania! What better way to celebrate Halloween than the homeland of Vlad Dracula? Spend your Halloween in Transylvania, it is a unique experience and you’ll have a lot of fun. We’ll have a great private party at the famous Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s castle. The second event is a Special Halloween Dinner served in the old medieval town of Sighisoara – the birthplace of Vlad Dracula.



Travel trough Romania.

Posted 13-01-2024

The tour of the best Romanian tourist sights, many of them being included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a great journey through Romanian history, traditions, cuisine, and landscapes. Visit old medieval cities, castles, fortresses, wooden churches, and the famous painted monasteries. We’ll enjoy the amazing scenery of the Carpathian mountains or the Transylvanian green rolling hills.

Visit Romania

Visit Romania

Travel trough Romania.

Posted 05-03-2022

Why to visit Romania? What can I see there? How can I travel to Romania? Read this article and you may find answers to these questions. Discover the best of what Romania has to offer as a tourist destination, the best places to visit, where to stay, what to eat, information about people, traditions and customs.

Corvin Castle

Medieval castles and fortresses in Transylvania

Travel trough Romania.

Posted 12-02-2022

Transylvania is the most famous and the most popular travel destination in Romania. It impresses with the old historic places, beautiful countryside and great sceneries. The highlights of Transylvania are the medieval towns, castles and fortresses, fortified churches, charming old villages and all combined with great stories and legends.

delta duna

Adventure in Danube Delta.

Travel trough Romania.

Posted 20-02-2021

The first day of our adventure begins at Tulcea, the city-capital of the Delta. The beautiful hotel placed on the shore of the Danube will welcome you with rooms orientated to the Danube and with the best conditions and food in town. For the evening, you can take dinner, on the Danube cliff on the fish restaurant of one of the Romanian Olympic champions at caiac-canoe.

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