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Jeep Tours in Romania are a different way to discover the best of the Romanian nature, mountains, lakes, wild forest and beautiful countryside. Driving special equipped 4wd cars we’ll have access to off-road paths to places which are less known, a secret part of Romania. We’ll see amazing scenery, we’ll see old ways of life, well preserved local customs and crafts. Unique experiences and adventure! You can choose from several options for our jeep tours depending of the experience you want to have, places which you want to see, tour length, accommodation type, etc. If you want, you can test your driving skills and adventure spirit in a jeep tour or you can just relax and enjoy the views and the experience as a passenger while our experienced drivers will do the work. Off-road tours in Romania are the best way to discover the mountains and the countryside staying far from crowded places and standard touristy areas.

Jeep Tour in Transylvania

Jeep Tour in Transylvania

Off-road jeep tour which offers the best off-road selection of Transylvanian countryside and of the Carpathians mountains. You can test your driving skills on off-road trails. You’ll meet local people on the route and you’ll be witnesses of their traditional way of life, local craftsmen, old historical areas and wilderness routes. Every day is different but equally interesting, alternating nature with cultural sights.

Off-road in Romania

Off-road Experience

6 days

Come for a great experience on an off-road trip in Romania mountains, following one of the best routes and places that our country can offer. We’ll drive on the Carpathians Mountains, wild forest, beside lakes and rivers and over the green hills of Transylvania. Amazing scenery, getting familiar with the local way of life, tasting delicious food, visiting local craftsmen are part of our jeep tour highlights.