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Cultural & Sightseeing

Discover our cultural tours in Romania, specially designed for those who are looking for new experiences, to find new places and people. Along our sightseeing trips to Romania you will visit the most popular tourist sights, you’ll find all the more details about our history, culture, beliefs, traditions and way of life. Romania has a lot to show to its visitors: old towns and fortresses from Transylvania, wooden churches and gates from Maramures, painted monasteries from Bucovina, charming villages which preserve their old architecture and customs. A great way to visit our country is to book one of our private tours in Romania or to join a group tour. Join us for a sightseeing tour of Romania!

UNESCO painted monasteries

UNESCO Tour in Romania

7 days

Private tour of the best Romanian tourist sights, many of them being included in the UNESCO World Heritages List. It is a great tour through Romanian history, traditions, cuisine and landscapes. Visit old medieval cities, castles and fortresses, wooden churches, the famous painted monasteries.

Private tour in Transylvania

Medieval Transylvania

6 days

Discover the charming Transylvania with its medieval towns, castles and fortresses, scenic old villages, traditions, crafts, great landscapes of the Carpathian mountains, green rolling hills and forest. We’ll visit the best tourist attractions of Transylvania, we’ll find more about the local history, traditions and way of life.

Highlights of Transylvania

Highlights of Transylvania

4 days

Join us to understand the Essential of Transylvania, the best and most popular tourist attractions, its history, culture and gastronomy. Old towns, castles, fortresses, the most charming villages and scenic drives are part of this private tour in Transylvania. Highlights: Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Bran castle, Saxon fortified churches and many more.

Best of Romania

Best of Romania

6 days

One of the best private trips in Romania of the most important sights from Romania. We’ll visit the charming Transylvania with its old medieval towns, castles and fortresses, the beautiful painted monasteries from Bucovina and the capital city of Romania, Bucharest. All combined with beautiful landscapes, charming villages and countryside, enjoy traditional customs, taste local cuisine and crafts

Unesco Tour of Transylvania

Private 3 Days UNESCO Tour of Transylvania from Bucharest

3 days

Private tour starting / ending in Bucharest. Explore the best attractions in Transylvania, a unique region with a rich history and a multicultural culture and heritages. It is the host of the very unique Fortified Churches, structures which are combining the religious with defensive role. Many of them are included in the UNESCO Heritages List, together with the medieval town of Sighisoara.

Customized Private Tour in Romania

Customized Private Tour in Romania

If you are planning to travel to Romania and you want to have the best tour to fit all your requirements, then we’ll be happy to design a customized private tour in Romania as you like. All details are important for the perfect vacation and the best experience in our country. We have almost 20 years experience in offering private tours to Romania and we’ll work together with you to built a great trip. Check this section to find more

Discover our Cultural Trips to Romania

Romania has a lot to offer for the ones which are looking to discover new aspects about the Romanian history, culture and traditions. There are various interesting places to visit such as: old towns, castles, fortresses, beautiful and old monasteries and churches, interesting museums, etc. Choosing a cultural sightseeing tour in Romania will reveal to you all the best that Romania has to show.

Traveling from one region to another you’ll be surprised by the diversity of our sights, architecture and history.

Starting with the neo-classic & baroque architecture of Bucharest, to the gothic and renaissance of Transylvania, byzantine churches and monasteries in Bucovina, wooden churches of Maramures, charming old villages and towns. Sightseeing trips in Romania are a great choice for your vacation in Eastern Europe. You ,ay choose a private tour in Romania and you can customize it as you wish.