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Tours in Transylvania

Fortified churches tour from Brasov

Saxon fortified churches tour

5-6 hours. Tue-Sat.

The Germans or Saxons lived in South of Transylvania since medieval times and they had a great influence over the local history, culture and architecture. In all their villages existed unique pieces of architecture, named fortified churches, which is a church surrounded by defensive walls and towers, offering a shelter for the inhabitants. Visit Prejmer, Harman and Viscri fortified churches (UNESCO).

Sighisoara - day trip from Brasov

Sighisoara – day tour from Brasov

7-8 hours. Mon-Sun

Day tour to Sighisoara, one of the most preserved medieval cities from Europe. Situated in Mures County, on the valley of the Tarnava Mare river, Sighisoara, former Dacian settlement and also called “the pearl of Transylvania” was founded by the German settlers in 13th century Its medieval aspect may be found both in the centre of the city and inside the Fortress of Sighisoara.

Day tour to Corvin's castle and Sibiu

Corvin’s castle and Sibiu

11-12 hours. Mon-Sun

Day tour from Brasov to visit Corvin’s castle (Hunyad castle) the biggest medieval castle and Sibiu, the oldest and the largest medieval city from Transylvania, two jewelleries of the Transylvanian tourism. These sites are one of the most visited places from our country. Assisted by our licensed tour guide you’ll find the stories of them, some less known aspects, etc.

Short break to Transylvania. Post River Cruise in Transylvania

Short Break to Transylvania: History, Food & Traditions

4 days

A glance tour to Transylvania, the most popular tourist region of Romania. You’ll be guided to discover more about the local history, traditions, customs and also to taste and enjoy the delicious cuisine. Transylvania is a multi-cultural region and that can be seen in its old architecture but also reflects in the food. It is a perfect way to spend come more days in Romania booking this post Danube River cruise trip

Post cruise tour in Romania

Post Cruise Tour in Romania

6 days

If you’re ending or starting a boat cruise trip in Romania we invite you to discover more about our country, places that you can’t see from the river. Romania is a fairly large country with a rich history and many well preserved sights, old towns, castles, fortified churches, wonderful landscapes of the Carpathians mountains, charming villages and countryside, traditions, crafts and legends. Discover all of them in a private guided pre or post cruise tour in Romania.

Voronet painted monastery - post river cruise trip to Romania

Romania to Hungary – Post Danube River Cruise Trip

8 days

Inland post Danube River Cruise Trip from Romania back to Hungary – Budapest. Many of the Danube River cruises are starting in Budapest, Hungary and ending in Romania, Giurgiu Port – Bucharest. Our proposal is to visit Romania’s most important sights in a journey which starts in Bucharest or Giurgiu and travel all the way back to Budapest in Hungary. It is a private guided tour which can work in reverse too or can be customized as you wish.

Small group tour in Romania

Unesco Sites and Food tour

7 days

Small Group tour in Romania, from Bucharest. It is a comprehensive tour which will reveal to you the most important attractions of Romania, many of them being included in the UNESCO World Heritages’ list. We’ll visit the most popular tourist regions: Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina. It will be also a journey to taste and experience Romanian food, local gastronomy and drinks.

Transylvania small group tour - History and Food

Transylvania History and Food

3 days

Small Group tour – Start / end in Brasov Enjoy a journey through Transylvanian History and taste the local cuisine, these are the goals of our tour. Transylvania is a multi-cultural region with a rich history. Discover its medieval charm, old towns, fortresses and castles, picturesque countryside and villages and a diversity of tasty foods and drinks.

Customized Private Tour in Romania

Customized Private Tour in Romania

If you are planning to travel to Romania and you want to have the best tour to fit all your requirements, then we’ll be happy to design a customized private tour in Romania as you like. All details are important for the perfect vacation and the best experience in our country. We have almost 20 years experience in offering private tours to Romania and we’ll work together with you to built a great trip. Check this section to find more

Viaje de Halloween en Transilvania

Viaje de Halloween en Transilvania 2024

29 Oct - 02 Nov 2024 - 5 dias

Fiesta privada de Halloween en el Castillo Bran, el castillo más famoso de Rumania, también conocido como el castillo de Drácula, y cena especial de Halloween en Sighisoara, el lugar de nacimiento de Vlad Drácula. Es la elección perfecta para pasar tu Halloween en Transilvania - Rumania, la tierra natal de Vlad Drácula. Además de las fiestas, visitarás y descubrirás el encanto medieval de Transilvania, su historia, sus ciudades antiguas, sus increíbles castillos y fortalezas.

Why to travel to Transylvania?

Transylvania is the most knownand most popular Romanian region regarding incoming tourism. Why? Because itwill captivate the visitor with its charm, history, castle, old towns, rurallife and legends. While you are traveling to Transylvania you’llbe surprised by different places, different architecture and by the beauty of nature and countryside.Here you can visit the famous Saxon’s fortified churches, unique in Europe as concept and architecture, many ofthem being included in the UNESCO World Heritages list.  Discover the old medieval towns of Transylvania like Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Medias, etc, which used to be theheart of medieval commerce and manufacturing. All of them preserve theirold town, which are great attractions for nowadays tourists.Along your tripinTransylvania you’ll be fascinated by the charming old villages, spread betweenbeautiful rolling green hills and valleys. There are places where it looks likethe time has stopped centuries ago. Find more about the locals' way of life,customs and traditions. Find and visit the workshops of the traditionalcraftsmen which are trying to preserve their methods and crafts. Doing a tour in Transylvania you can actually help in preserving all these aspects of traditional life.Transylvania is surrounded by the Carpathians mountains which offer very scenic drives, amazinglandscapes or places where you can enjoy and see the local wildlife. Brown bearswatching tours are a unique experience in the wild forest.Joining our tours in Transylvania you’ll have the chance to try the local cuisine and drinks.Transylvania is a multicultural place. Here are living Romanians, Hungarians,Germans, Gypsies, Jews and some more and all these nations brought their influencenot only in the history or in the buildings architecture, they also influenced thelocal cuisine, which is very varied with different recipes and mix of recipes.The green hills and valleys are perfect for growing sheep and cattle so don’thesitate to try our cheese. A shot of plum / pear brandy before meals and aglass of locally produced beer or wine will complete the experience of aTransylvanian meal.