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Epifany Dive

The traditions of January in Romania

Culture and Traditions

Posted 04-12-2021

In Romania, the religious life is very important, and the majority of the traditions of each month, are connected in a way or another with the cult of ancestors or with the Christian saints.



Culture and Traditions

Posted 07-03-2021

Mucenici is a traditional Romanian dessert that is made only once a year on March 9th. Mucenici is made for the religious celebration of the 40 Martyrs of Sevastia. More about this religious celebration you can find in our article Romanian March Traditions


March traditions in Romania

Culture and Traditions

Posted 06-03-2021

March – is the first month of spring, the month when the weather begins to warm and nature became alive and colorful. It is called by the people “Martisor”

delta duna

Adventure in Danube Delta.

Travel trough Romania.

Posted 20-02-2021

The first day of our adventure begins at Tulcea, the city-capital of the Delta. The beautiful hotel placed on the shore of the Danube will welcome you with rooms orientated to the Danube and with the best conditions and food in town. For the evening, you can take dinner, on the Danube cliff on the fish restaurant of one of the Romanian Olympic champions at caiac-canoe.


Mineral Waters

Did you know that ?

Posted 16-02-2021

The genesis and the appearance of mineral waters in the form of springs are linked to the existence of depth deficiencies, to the volcanic mountain range, as well as to the deposits of oil, methane, coal, and salt.


February Traditions

Culture and Traditions

Posted 15-02-2021

We are talk this time about the traditions of February who are following the religious celebrations of the month.

The culture of Romania

The culture of Romania

Culture and Traditions

Posted 03-01-2021

The culture of Romania is a unique culture, which is the product of its geography and its distinct historical evolution. It is theorized that Romanians, (Proto-Romanians, including Aromanians, Megleno-Romanians, and Istro-Romanians) are the combination of descendants of Roman colonists and people indigenous to the region who were Romanized. The Dacian people, one of the major indigenous peoples of Central and Southeast Europe are one of the predecessors of the Proto-Romanians.

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