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george enescu

Romanian Music



This is an articol about the Romanian Music. The romanian musical culture have important representants at le world level.  Two of them , George Enescu and Ciprian Porumbescu are, maybe, the most famous representats of the cult music of Romania. Both of them has made immortal compositions of classical music. Also romanian music it is the traditional folkloric music.  A richness of our country, the folkloric music it speaks about our joy and pain. Some examples you can check here:  - calusarii - Nicolae Furdui Iancu ( Transylvania ) - Sofia Vicoveanca ( Moldova )  

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mashed white beans

Romanian cookery -part 1-


Food and drinks in Romania

Let`s start this first part with the course from the begining of each meal: the snacks or apetizers. To make everything much easier for everybody, I choose a method which will let you print the receipe and take it with you into the kitchen when prepare the meal.    

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History of Romania - part 1-



Romania lies just north of the Balkan Peninsula. It is situated in the Centre of Europe as it is equidistant between the continent’s easternmost and westernmost points, the Ural Mountains and Atlantic Ocean. It is also halfway between the North Pole and Equator.e.  

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