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Wedding ceremony in Romania

Romanian national ethno folklore patrimony 3



Wedding customs The wedding celebrates very fast. The virgin, mature for married life, sends a relative of his favorite girl to the girl she has courted until then. Within 3-4 days, our man receives an answer. On the evening of the answer, 5-6 male men with loaded firearms, along with the young man, start at the bride's home where the petition begins. The girl's father, even if she has several girls, indicates one and fortunately the one she desires. The chosen one, adorned with coral, with the pudding eyes at the forefront, grew up in the oven, enjoying it as required. The evening hero is taken to the fiancee. My mother brings a bowl of wheat in which she puts the pair of rings removed from her fingers.

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maramures masks

Romanian national ethno folklore patrimony 1



In these General Considerations on the National Ethno-Folklore Patrimony, we will go into the details of the customs, traditions, holidays, port, legends and superstitions, as well as on household objects and folk techniques. We will discuss the following ethnographic areas: Maramures, Oltenia, Moldova, Banat, Muntenia, Crisana, Dobrogea, Transylvania,

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campulung muscel

Moldova folkloric costume



TYPES OF POPULAR COSTUMES IN MOLDOVA Among the historical provinces, it seems that Moldova has the greatest stylistic unity of the areas, highlighted in women's costume, with photo and stergar, as the headdress of the head, and the male, with the shirt to the knee, with very strong, as well as in the chromatic and ornamental structural unit of the overalls, especially of the candles. In the space of Moldova, the woman's shirt has two basic yarns: the shirts and the right ones, as well as the variants with local features

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Baragan and Dobrogea folkloric costume 2



The men's costume in the Lower Danube area is characterized by the very large variety of the hat, namely: we draw round in fur and with circle or zagara (the cuff attached to the base of the hat), but also by wearing the hat with the round cap , high and small boron on holidays, times, depending on it's metallic and brilliant. With the ornamental wealth of the bells, the ornamental shrubs of the shirts are also awarded, and they also begin to widen the rivers on their sleeves. Changing chromatic preferences, refined olive tones give away the strong shades of red, black, burgundy and lilac.

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Oltenia region of Romania

Oltenia folkloric costume



TYPES OF POPULAR COSTUMES FROM OLTENIA The harbor of the Oltenian districts revealed a special elegance. The women's costume in Oltenia falls in the typology of the wool-knit wool and the costume with two parts, with ornamental motifs arranged in a linear manner, arranged in one sense in horizontal registers or in vertical lines

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Regional types of folkloric costumes 2



Tara Oasului is one of the most ethnographic regions in Romania. By geographical isolation and similarity to the way of life of the people of Transcarpathian Ukraine, Oas knows a series of ethnographic identities with this Hungarian rutean population, manifested even in his port.

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Girl from Padureni

Regional types of folkloric costumes 1



REGIONAL TYPES OF FOLKLORIC COSTUMES1. TRANSYLVANIA and MARAMURES The women's costume from Transylvania is the one that begins this description of folk costumes from Transylvania and Maramures.A first particular aspect of the women's costume in Transylvania is the embroidered plateau, regarded as a decorative element, in the shape of a trapeze, with a small collar, placed under the throat, which after an old tradition was superimposed on a crease.

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ialomita woman

Baragan and Dobrogea folkloric costume 1



TYPES OF FOLKLORIC COSTUMES FROM DOBROGEA AND BARAGAN In the cultural area of ​​the Lower Danube, the popular port is distinguished by certain specific elements from the rest of the clothing ensembles characteristic of the neighboring areas. When talking about the cultural area of ​​the Lower Danube, we are talking about a geographic area, which in ancient times form the lower Moesia inhabited by Trhracians and Dacians. This area includes today not only the southeast of Romania (Ilfov, Ialomita, Calarasi, Braila, Galati) but also Constanta and Tulcea, Bugeacul, southern Bessarabia and northern Bulgaria between the Danube and the Balkans.

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